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  1. When you say "move" it is actaully delete the old machine opbject and create a new machine object (with same name) but in a different OU? If the account adding the machine account got permission to write to the OU it can do so, but it fails if the same name exist already in another OU if same domain. So if you can have the machine account deleted in the begning of your task sequence I think you be just fine to "move" the machine account. Sorry no help on the VBS script etc just giving another option.
  2. Can you please in a (evelated) cmd line try to run this from the same folder that got ccmsetup.exe (normally c:\windows\ccmsetup): ccmsetup.exe /skipprereq:windowsupdateagent30-x64.exe Found it here http://ccmexec.com/2015/04/sccm-2012-client-fails-to-install-windows-10-build-10049/and it seems to apply to you even if the build isn't the same the issue seems extermly similiar. and it is the update agent that gives you the error <![LOG[File 'C:\Windows\ccmsetup\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x64.exe' returned failure exit code 775. Fail the installation.]LOG]!><time="16:09:25.242+00" date
  3. Do you have that on all hardware models? how do you install drivers for the hardware? wihtout looking in the logs it looks to me that in WinPE you got the network driver and all working, it restart and it is time to join the domain and reach packages and it fails. If it fails to joun the domain, please login locally and look at this file why it fails: C:\Windows\debug\NetSetup.LOG but all you mention to me sounds like network issue, maybe wrong or no driver loaded to the NIC.
  4. Full path I vote for also and sinc eyou got space between Office and 2013 I would use quotations "" For /q why not /qn instead and also add a /log %temp%\mylog.log so you see that it works as wanted. Wait to uninstall? not sure that is needed since it wont go to next task sequence before the previous is finished. If both are click to run you normally don't have to uninstall previous office unless you got different architecture, I just run install and it upgrade 2013 to 2016
  5. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has manage to image the Dell XPS 13 9350? Got SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU2 and when using my current TS wtih Dell XPS 13 9350 it came to the first reboot (partitioning, apply wim, check drivers, install client etc...) and then fail... acording to this link that is normal for this model if you set disk opertion to AHCI which I had: https://www.reddit.com/r/SCCM/comments/40t2iv/dell_xps_9350_9550_sccm_imaging_guide/ I switched to RAID ON as suggested in the link, and added the Intel RAID driver to my WInPE. I can boot on WinPE, partition the disk but when apply
  6. BTW do you deploy/advertise to a specific collection with a machine object in it or directly to unkown machines?
  7. Depends how far you arrive in the OSD process. if your WinPE load and you ahve enabled F8 mode you can press F8, and then go to different locations and search for it: if not reached format the hard disk it is most likely here: x:\windows\temp\smstslog\smsts.log if it come further it is often disk drive: _SMSTaskSequence\Logs\Smstslog\smsts.log If it finish to image it goes to c:\windows\ccm\logs this all on the actual client you try to image (so do not look at server for this log like you did for smspxe.log) hope that helps?
  8. Is everything solved here? I'm using the Microsoft Scrubs script and packaged, let it run and it uninstalls all Office products, then restart and then install O365.
  9. wow! thank you so much, that was the issue, if I put X:\WINDOWS\system32\mshta.exe D:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\P0100382\test.hta my HTA shows up! of course I wont keep that path must use a varaible but 95% of the battle is done. So I still don't understand why the VBS file doesn't need a path but the HTA needs but doesn't matter. I love this forum it has helped me so much before by reading and now by these post, will try to hang around and try to give back something also and help others.
  10. Thanks a lot, that would make sense that it doesn't work any maybe mshta.exe give exit code if ran but not finding a HTA file... I might test to hard code the path to run: X:\WINDOWS\system32\mshta.exe D:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\P0100382\test.hta just to see if it works.. if it does, then yeah spot on that was the issue. I didn't had to do it for pause_ts.vbs so therefor thought it wasn't needed here either but it could be a dangerous assumption. getting late here, will try it tomorrow and post back thanks!
  11. the package ID is:P0100382 that includes the HTA, VBS and ServiceUI.exe and I refind it here: D:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\P0100382 so I assume it runs from that folder, or could that be the problem... I saw some put all in a .cmd file and use relative path (tilde)%dp0 etc..
  12. It is in the package so same folder as ServiceUI.exe Replicated. So I got this in same folder ServiceUI.exe (64-bit) test.hta pause_ts.vbs Running the ServiceUI.exe with pause_ts.vbs works great, running another with ServiceUI.exe calling test.hta gives success code but it goes in the same second and nothing displayed. Added HTA support in 64-bit WinPE, if F8 and run the HTA file it goes as I want.. I maybe have to try to do misstake by misstake just to see if that also gives error code 0, or try to make the pause_ts.vbs call the HTA since I know that one works.. but sounds like a real
  13. ran it again and in WinPe press F8 and then start taskmgr.exe it goes so quick but I could not see the HTA process flash by, but for PAsue vbs I see vbscript.exe (or what it is called)
  14. Thanks Anyweb, Running it during WinPE, actually the first thing running in the whole TS, so F12, it PXE boot and bam! I can F8 and run tasklist but I'm afraid the HTA is no longer running since my smsts.log says exit with code 0 The HTA I used I "took" from this site: https://t3chn1ck.wordpress.com/tag/hta/
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