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  1. Deleted all the drivers and imported the cab file again. Seems to be OK now
  2. Never mind, figured it out. Mount the bootimage and change inputlocal there:)
  3. Hello Is it possible to change the setup language for the UDI Wizard? The current setup is in English, I want it to be Norwegian. It's confusing to type in passwords with special characters in english keyboard layout.
  4. Hello I need some help to clarify things. I have some collection which I have set a maintenance window on for every night between 00 and 05. Most of the users will shut down their computer when they leave at around 4pm. If I deploy an application as required, WOL enabled, deadline as soon as possible, and I deploy it during the day, let's say at 1pm, will the computers wake up at 00? Does sccm only send WOL at 1pm, and then leave it up to the computers to use the wake up timer? I have quite a few computers in the status waiting for maintenance window.... If I change the de
  5. Hello I'm having a bit of trouble deploying Win7 to an OptiPlex 790. I have added the NIC driver to WinPE. It boots into WinPE, starts the TS, applies the OS, applies the the OptiPlex 790 driver package(lates cab imported from Dell). On the next step after applying drivers, "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" after it reboots it fails with error code 80007002. Pressing F8 reveals that it has no network. After it fails and restart, I can log on to Windows. everything seems OK except that there is no network driver. I can manually load the network driver, the same I use in the driver package, and
  6. Correction. All applications can be used, but the name cannot contain special characters like the ampersand. I removed it, and now everything works
  7. Figured it out. Onlu virtual apps or MSI apps can be used in this way. Office uses setup.exe.....
  8. From what I understand is a different way to set them in 2012 than 2007. In 2012 Appid01:Appname. So mine is Name: APPINST01 Value:Office 2010 NOR&ENG
  9. Hello I have set up SCCM 2012 with MDT 2012 integration. I have successfully created build and capture task sequence. I have also created office 2010 application which deploys without any problems to collections. My problem is when I want to install applications in a task sequence. I made a task sequence which only contains install application. I select multiple application using base variable. I set the variable in the collection variable on my collection. First I thought the problem was related to setting the variable, but from the log I can see that the variable is working, and it's
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