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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have just gone past the point it was failing on. I moved the back up location to c:\ I also read somewhere else about having the local machine account as a local admin which I also did. The recovery is still in progress but its looking better.
  2. I have found this line ERROR: Failed to copy the file CM_site.mdf from source C:\Users\adminuser\Desktop\steBackup\SiteDBServer to destination \\SCCM-01.domain.local\C$\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.SCCM2012\MSSQL\DATA. Error code: 59. $$<Configuration Manager Setup><12-17-2019 13:21:04.446+00><thread=5040 (0x13B0)> on inspection the folder is there
  3. That has failed too. Is there a installing SCCM and then importing the .mdf and .ldf after?
  4. That has failed too, I am going to uninstall sql and go back through the steps to see if I might have missed something on the install
  5. Ok I will try with that and get back to you Thank you
  6. I have two accounts on SQL my admin account and a SCCM Admin account that was the account used, yet on the recovery it seems to use my admin account possibly because I am logged in as a domain admin not the sccm admin? Should I be logged in as the sccm admin to recover the site?
  7. Thanks for that I have just gone into sql management studio and this is the permissions my account has
  8. Thanks for the quick reply The user that it is installing with is my domain admin account, and its using Windows Authentication would I have to enter the password in SQL elsewhere ?
  9. I am trying to recover my SCCM 1806 site. I have a full site backup but it fails restoring the database. I have rebuilt the server to the same version as before and then installed all the prerequisites including SQL and ADM wsus etc. however it fails when restoring the database. I have included the portion of the log file that is relevent(changing my site name and username) is there anything I may have got wrong is there another way of recovering? Steps I have taken are selected "recover site" recovered the site server from my backup location recovered my database from my backup location entered serial number accept terms downloaded required files select installation folder Details of SQL are pre populated path to SQL server DATA file is prepopulated path to SQL server LOG file is prepopulated At this point I am presented with the install settings, then it presents the prerequisite check and then begins the install where it fails with the errors seen on the log file attached sccmlog.txt
  10. Thank you for the reply I now have applications installing again .
  11. Ok I think I may have got confused here, does the default Configuration Manager Client Package get upgraded Or do I have to have two steps the default and then the upgrade?
  12. I have noticed that since upgrading to 2012R2 SP1, Task Sequences will go no further than "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager" going to the login prompt after a reboot at that point. I have searched around and have noticed people talking about "microsoft configuration manager client upgrade 6.0 all" yet on inspection I still have "microsoft configuration manager client upgrade 5.0 all" I suspect that this is probably my problem but I can't find and information on how to upgrade microsoft configuration manager client. Thanks in advance for any help Edit I have just seen that I have to manually create the microsoft configuration manager client upgrade 6.0 all package
  13. After many problems upgrading my SCCM2012 to R2 SP1. I am finally there. I have deployments working up to the point of installing software or driver packages, this just won't work any more but it did before I started the upgrade process. Could someone give me a pointer as to what I should now be looking for in the logs
  14. Thanks for the reply Apexes but maybe I have not explained myself properly. Once the machine finishes imaging, it starts again about 30 - 40 mins later
  15. I would like to have my client PC's re imaged on a schedule (as I work in a school), lets say every 6 weeks. I have created a collection to test my idea and I can get the PC's to re-image, but they continue to image again and again. I have obviously got the settings wrong in the scheduling tab. At present I have the "Assignment Schedule" set to run daily at 14:00 and the "Run Behaviour" set to Never rerun deployed program (I will change this once I know it works) I have set the Maintenance window for the collection to 12:00 - 15:00 to occur every 1 day during testing
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