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  1. I did verify that SYSTEM has effective permissions all the way down. Its also on the share, but when I run a CMD using PSTOOLS as system I get access denied. I verified with our Storage Administrator, and all permissions are setup correctly. So i'm not sure what is causing this....
  2. Hello All! I'm having an issue after moving our package source from a Win2k8 server to our SAN. I created a CIFS share gave everyone permissions and moved all package source folders over to the new location. I went in and updated the source path in each package so it points to the correct location. At this point permissions were added for the Site Server (which is the DP) and the SMS service account. i've tried to refresh a package to make sure it was able to correctly access the share. I also went to the package source for a package directly was able to see effective permissions correctly
  3. I've ran out of ideas, and google isn't helping, so not sure why these are stalling and always doing this, but if someone can help me figure out what to troubleshoot next that would be great. Thanks!
  4. Hello All -- i'm having a issue where some clients seem to stall on random updates. The ones I can list right now are the following: KB2393802 KB977165 Below is the windowsupdate.log file where the errors are showing: 2012-03-29 10:44:42:472 908 99c Agent WARNING: Failed to evaluate Installable rule, updateId = {DA6B31D6-B702-4E4A-BD22-748936012392}.102, hr = 80080005 2012-03-29 10:45:42:505 908 99c Agent WARNING: Failed to evaluate Installed rule, updateId = {84AB24E9-6CD3-4113-8376-28349505359B}.105, hr = 80080005 2012-03-29 10:46:12:527 908 99c Agent WARNING: Failed
  5. I'm experiencing the same issue w/ ProBook 6560B. I read online that you can use a older version of the driver but i've ran out of options. I'm not sure which version of WinPE I have all I know is I see this version: 6.1.7600.16385 will this version not work with newer Intel chipsets? Any ideas would help, I've got a ton of ProBooks to deploy.
  6. Found out the Intel driver has quirks and will not work with WinPE. Went and found another version that actually had a WinPE .INF file. After that I was able to import but WinPE still does not recognize driver.... Oh well off to find another driver. (5th times the charm right?)
  7. Hello All! I'm trying to inject NIC drivers for a HP ProBook 6560B, as winpe does not get network access due to no driver I need to inject it so I can do a capture of a reference PC. I mount the .WIM image and use the following command to inject a driver: dism /image:"C:\Temp\mount" /add-driver /driver:"C:\temp\drivers\nic\rt64win7.inf" After doing this I get the following error: C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools>dism /image:"C:\temp\mount" /add-driv er /driver:"C:\temp\NIC_Driver\E1E6032.inf" Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool Version: 6.1.7600.
  8. Hello, I have a issue, where updates will get pushed to a client even though they are already past there deadline they will NOT force install. I'm trying to deploy windows 7 and push updates after all applications are installed, but the updates just wait for user intervention. Anyway to force it to install once the updates download? Thanks!
  9. Hey All! When we upgraded to R3, I know we had to push a HotFix out to clients to recognize the Power Management module, but I noticed the client that resides in SMS_<SITE> does not get updated. I'm trying to keep my techs from installing the client and THEN the hotfix, as we've had problems getting the hotfix to work correctly on windows 7 boxes. I was wondering, is there a updated client that has the hotfix already applied so that PC's that are manually built get the correct client. Thanks!
  10. Hello All! Was wondering if you can help me figure this out. I'm trying to run AutoDesk AutoCAD 2011 via a RAP. I had initial issues getting it to download the whole 2.9GB due to file length (long story but it causes BITS to fail). I found through the vendor I can use a .LNK file that has a set of configuration parameters set to basically go to a network share and install the application. But i'm running into the following problem: 1) I can not get a .LNK file to run via RAP 2) I've created a .CMD file that basically does the following: For some reason i've gone one s
  11. I'm having a terrible time trying to find what is really required (environment wise) for SCCM OSD deployment. I want to go ahead and use a TS to deploy the OS. I don't plan on capturing a image as W7 base image comes with all drivers and as of right now we are not saving any user data as we use folder redirection. So my question is..... Do I need to have MDT? I was able to get a base install to work previously (barring my other issue from another post which is still happening!) I've gone through the guides here and its never mentioned which to me means its not needed. But can someone l
  12. I took a stab at it today... Not sure if i'll throw the server or hug it... But I went in and did a net use and connected Q:\ directly to the package folder that is shared \\sccm1.......\smspkge$\cr100021 and without entering a username/password for net use it says "The password is invalid for \\sccm1.......\cr100021" I tried doing a net use on my local PC and I get the same thing. Is there a awy to see what username the WinPE users to connect to shares? I know nothing has changed the NAA user is unlocked has its password set to never expire and never change password. I talked to the server ad
  13. K i've looked all over Google and everything points to a NAA being needed. But I verified there is a NAA account i've set taht account with FULL PERMISSION to the whole Package Drive E: where all packages are stored. I've verifed I can have regular packages run just fine its ONLY WHEN THE SYSTEM reboots does this issue happen, I can install Flash and Office 2010 no problem to these test machines. Can someone give some insight.... What I don't get is this was working only about 2 weeks ago, then I started working on WU being pushed through RAP which I got that working, decided to go back to my
  14. I'm not sure what is going on now. I allowed the network access account full access to the drive where all packages are stored and nothing has changed. Anyone else got any ideas on why I would be getting those permission errors? I'm able to deploy the package, it restarts in WinPE but when it goes to apply the OS it then has this permission error. How is this even possible when it downloads the WinPE package? Sadly the company who set this up isn't available till May to assist us on deployment, and I would really like to get this accomplished before that time.
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