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  1. Thanks for reply, I probably found solution! In the past I used ADK 10.1. Today I installed ADK8.1, re-created boot images and the installation is running right now. I am moving on next steps in your SCCM guide if I am in trouble I know where to find help. Keep doing that I appreciate it. Thank you guys.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have disabled vmware workstation DHCP server. The IP of my server is and DHCP pool is - I can ping the server's IP and also server name. So the ip address should be ok. Any other idea?
  3. Hello experts, I am doing project at school (Windows Deployment). I have installed Windows Server 2016 onto VMware Workstation (DHCP, DNS, WDS, SCCM2012 R2, SQL Server 2012 SP1, ADK 10.1) and want to deploy Windows 7 x64 to other empty workstation. After powering the workstation on, it picks IP from DHCP, loads image, and after preparing network connections it automatically reboots without showing anything. You can see it here. I have tryed to troubleshoot. PXE is enabled, image, OS updated at distribution port, credentials are ok, imported vmware drivers, time is ok. I also run ipconfig, the device got correct address from DHCP. I will put the smsts.log - it shows PxeGetPxeData failed with 0x80070005. I spent hours and hours and still cannot find the sollution. I found some article - would it be my problem? The network port or DHCP may not be allowing the network connection soon enough though. The OS boots, loads, and initiates the TS process and connection to the site before the network is ready. By the time you press F8 and perform an ipconfig though, it may have completed successfully but too late for the TS initialization. Common solutions include ensuring that portfast is enabled on the port or adding a delay to boot process using a prestart command configured in the boot image. Thank you for your advice and tips! smsts.log ipconfig
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