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  1. Trevor , we will check this. For now we have added a second Format and Partition step to the task sequence. The first Format and Partition ignores the new hardware platform based on WMI model and the second applies based on the same criteria. It is working so far but we know this will probably not be the last approved platform with this config and we do not want to change the TS every time if there are other options.
  2. Our company recently approved a new laptop with 2 hard drives as an available standard. When setting it up for OSD we just went thru the normal procedures that we do with all tha approved hardware platforms but we have an issue with how WinPE sees the hard drives. The two hard drives are a smaller one for OS and a bigger one for data. We specified with the manufacture that the smaller drvie is the 1st HDD and the larger is the 2nd. Both are advanced format drives. The OEM install sees the small drive as disk 0, so does DOS, so does Windows, but WinPE sees it as disk 1 and the larger dr
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