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  1. Hello All: file iexplore.exe is not being inventoried by our SCCM software inventory, even after setting the file type to *.exe (even tried iexplore.exe) in software inventory settings. Please see the attachment for software inventory settings. Appreciate your help! SftwrInvtry.bmp
  2. Hello All: Can someone please help me with a query for software inventory. I am try to create a collection of USERS who have a specific program/software installed. Thank you so much!!
  3. Yes I did activate and you are right! I spoke too soon when I said Reg. Hack worked. Now that I am trying to deploy on other machine, it is not working.
  4. Hello All: SCCM task sequence fails to deploy windows 7 image to a machine with a brand new unformatted hard drive. Is there a work around for this problem. Thanks!!
  5. It worked!! geoffp, your registray hack worked like a charm. What a relief! geoffp and Rocket Man thank you so much!!
  6. Great! I will give it a shot and let you know the outcome. Thank you so much Rocket Man & geoffp!!!!
  7. The command task runs successfully during the task sequence, but it does not activate the windows. After the image is deployed to the desktop, I still have to activate windows manually.
  8. Hello Rocket Man: Your command works like a charm on a machine that is already imaged, and yes the dashes are present in the MAK key and the command is placed right after "Windows and Config Mngr" task, and the computer is plugged into the network and has internet connectivity. But, for some reason it does not automatically activate the windows. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the prompt response Rocket Man! I used your command, but no luck!
  10. Hello All: I am having hard time activating the Windows 7 with Task Sequence. In the Apply Windows Settings task sequence step, I have entered the MAK and created a new task sequence command line step (General > Run Command Line), Start in : C:\Windows\System32 Command line: cscript.exe c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs /ato and tried placing it up and down the taks list, but no luck. Can someone please help with this task? Thanks! I
  11. Hello All: I am new to SCCM, and would request some assistance in pushing out the SEP client with the O/S. I am able to deploy the Windows 7 O/S with SCCM2012 task sequnce just fine, but the SEP Client ( with an already used sylink file) package is not being installed. I have placed this package at different levels in the task sequence, but no luck. I have created the SEP client package from the definition (MSI) and also the .exe, but neither worked. Can someone please provide a detailed solution, so that I can successfully install the SEP client on the newly deployed OS. Thanks!!
  12. Thank you so much Rocket Man! I will use the script for now. Appreciate it!!
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