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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to utilize an upgrade OS task sequence and deploy it using the "Pre-download content for this task sequence" that should be available to me when I deploy. I for some reason do not see this option which should be there with 1702. Is there something I'm missing to enable this option? I do have the TS set to be "Available" as well.
  2. Thanks Niall. Final question.....being a required deployment, is the expected behavior be that the hta pop-up to initiate the task sequence would only show if all content has been downloaded (I also have the TS set to "Download all content locally before starting task sequence" enabled in the deployment)? Looks like the content starts to come down to the client only when I click the upgrade now button in the HTA but not before. I am looking into how I can suppress the pop-up until all content has been downloaded.
  3. Hi Niall, This works great however, an addition prompt is being displayed and not sure how to get rid of it. It is the "Software changes must be applied to your computer......." with the options Right Now, Outside my business hours or Snooze. Is this suppressed in client settings, task sequence etc.?
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