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  1. It’s gonna be a bare metal( wipe and load ), mostly refreshes and few replaces ,both with data migration. The approach is : USB standalone media for the upgrade ones, and online with SMP for the replace. The USB option is to avoid any network bottleneck during the migration. Most of clients (not all offices) have a 1Go connection to their DPs , no internet clients. unless I’m wrong , we don’t need a bandwith optimization in this case. So, the DPs will be mainly requested during the replace scénario as they are also setup as SMPs.
  2. Hello, We are planning a Win10 migration in the next few months, we have about 1300 endpoints. The management team wants to split the migration on 2 weenkends. Here is our SCCM infrastructure Architecure : 1 Site server \MP 7 DPs with SMP role (one for each location on different timezones) 1 SUP server. My question is, would you think that we should scale up our architecture? what changes you may want to make to adjust to the migration? Thanks,
  3. Hi, I`m buildiong my refresh task sequence to migrate from WIn7 to Win10, my Online USMT transfers the data, however the printer queue, Wallpaper and Outlook signature don`t get transferred, i`m using the default USMT settings. am I missing something? SCCM 1706 + ADK1703
  4. Hello, I`m trying to recreate my customsettings.ini file in order to Join and provide a computer name during OSD, i`m wondering if it`s possible to achieve it based on the "constraints" that we have : 1-Diffrent OUs for each type of computer and locations: Desktop and Laptop 2-Diffrent defaultgateway for floor in each location. 3-Diffrent naming convention for each location and diffrent computer type. Thanks,
  5. Hello - I'm looking for the best practice regarding the build and capture of Win10 + O365 with SCCM 1702/MDT 2013 Do you think the captured image (Wim) should include the third party apps, or add them in the imaging task sequence ?
  6. I currently have multiple customsettings.ini files that assign computer names based on location + asset tag. I'm wondering if there is a way to have only one file that can do the same when selecting the location from a front end HTA. PS: I can't use the default gateway as the computers are imaged from the same location. Thanks,
  7. Currently working on a Windows 10 project , I want to get your input on how you distribute your image to the different departments: same image for all users , based on application security groups, or different task sequences for each department.Please share how you proceed and what do you recommend.
  8. was able to fix it by just recreating the application using the O365 application wizard.
  9. I`m trying to capture a Win10 image with Office 365 but my TS is failing. The O365 application installs fine from Software Centre, but failing during OSD. I attached the SMSTS log smsts-20170718-132035.log
  10. Hello, There is a known issue in 1511 where the client won't install during OSD. You'll have to add a repair step, than restart the computer (see attached screenshot).
  11. Hi, I created a USMT Restore task sequence and set to to restore the profiles that connected in the last 14 days. However when it runs it restores all the profiles, here is a Screenshot. Any idea ?
  12. Hello, I just applied June monthly updates via SCCM 1702, when the updates were done installing, I noticed new options in the Power option : "Update and Restart" & "Update and Shutdown". We choosed "Restart" (only), but still the computer applied the updates. any idea why would it apply them even though we didn't select "Update and Restart" ? Thanks,
  13. Update : I checked the ztigather.log, and it detects it as a laptop, however the Task Sequence is still skipping it .
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