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  1. Problem solved, I got 2 exact the same enviroments so i was comparing the both installation file size and the the ADK version When i checked the ADK version i noticed that the version of the working enviroment was 0.02 GB larger then the not working enviroment. so that means there is a difference. when i checked the installation with the option change i noticed that Deployment tools and windows preinstallation enviroment (windows pe) was unchecked. after checking this and installing the options i rebooted the server and i can add OSD again
  2. We got 12 locations on that enviroment, every location got his own OU, on the location where the problem was i saw that the old policy was applying on Gpresult /h name.html i saw that it was loadin old policy settings and not the new ones that are set. that indicates that on that OU the policy was not loading correctly the second thing is : that a collegue of an other department changed the policy of that OU on a GC domain controller and after he changed the policy directly in 5 seconds shutdown the server and moved the server from the location to a other location, so a reasson can be that
  3. Yes i can, I have 3 OSD already added before the update to 2012 r2 sp1 cu2. that ones are in this case windows 7 x32 and x64 after the update i try to add the already in SCCM existing OSD but even that one fails to Add as operating system. this files are on the same location as before
  4. Hello, I got 2 almost the same enviroments both upgraded to the latest version of sccm. 1 can easy add OSD and there is no problem the other enviroment is refusing adding the OSD i tried already existing OSD and new ones but all fails. i get the following error massage "The spicifed unc path does not contain a valid WIM file or you do not have permissions to acces it. specify a valid path" I try to add it by netwerk share, the server and netwerk acces account got full persmision to acces the share and folders under it. the more strange is that in my other enviroment the OSD ad
  5. Solved! The OU in the active directory was corrupt. we deleted the OU and make a new OU that fixed the issue
  6. Hello, I got a windows 2012 R2 enviroment with mulitple extern locations. on 1 of the new locations i got a problem with the group policy, the Group policy is referending to a sysvol folder that is not existing under the Sysvol folders of any servers in the domain network. now i cant apply my new policy becouse its stuck on a sysvol folder that is not existing. is it possible that i can find the link between a policy and that sysvol folder (thats not existing) so i can delete the policy or change the link?
  7. Copied the templates succesfull in the syvol, worked for me
  8. That link answered my question! Now i got the following problem. i got 2 enviroments, 1 is a windows 2012 server enviroment. the other is an 2008 R2 enviroment. I cant find the group policy rules on the 2008 r2 enviroment, now i find windows 2012 / 8 templates by microsoft but i am not sure i've i can upgrade that in a live situation. How are the GPO stored? the information i found is that i need to overwrite the windows/sysvol/domain/policydefinition folder. i am affraid that i am overwriting my existing already running group policy's, and then deleting them. how does this work?
  9. Hello all, I've upgraded my sccm server to 2012 sp1 and deployed windows 10 all went fine and applications installed without problems on the windows 10 machine. Right now i am setting my group policy right and facing a isue of windows 10 what i think need to be turned of in a domain network. You got different Privacy policy's that can send wifi passwords, account information, Keyboard recorder ( key logger) to the microsoft servers. Where and how can i set this OFF by group policy?
  10. First problem found : My DNS refresh time was to long, the DNS record didn't show the latest IP-Addres, so a WOL unicast didnt reached the right computer. Second test fase : I have putted the updates in a Task sequence, after the task sequence finished i will test the WOL function that is coming from the SCCM Site Controller
  11. Hello, i got a situation with a star network, in the star netwerk there is a SCCM main site server on IP network Then i got on al locations different Distribution points that have the Software update content, the distribution points got different IP : 192.168.xxx.xxx Now i created 1 update package with al the updates for windows 7, this package is distributed and Deployed on the distribution points and asset aplience. In the package i Enabled WOL function, also i enable the WOL function on the main Site. Now i got the problem the computers wont start up, ive i test fr
  12. Maybe wat can cause problems is that we already have an existing 2008 SCCM server running?, i am using other site code but its still uses the same AD system management folder
  13. I think its the network acces account, also with distribution the error : cannot acces folder is disapearing allot, but after that it still wil be distributed, cannot find or create sms... folder. after that it distributed anyway, and before this i had a succesfull task sequence. We decided to reinstall te server, becouse we made to much changes. we want a clear as possible server. so no i am working on a new SCCM 2012 R2 server installation in a domain network with different distribution points. (can i use the normal tutorial on the windows-noob site?)
  14. Hello, I got a 2012 r2 Enviroment, and suddenly al task sequence faild with error code 0x80070002 with 1 main system site with other distribution points on each site/building The task sequence fail after formatting and partition, Apply operating system : Ive i read the log file on the computer i cant find an error code what indicates what the problem is. I tried to use other image, redeistribute al content, create new distribution point. logfile found on x:/smstslog/smstslog.log , other logfile i get an acces denied error. <![LOG[Executing command line: "X:\WINDOWS\system
  15. After searching, the main problem is in the Group policy's Can't read the dutch group policy and getting te error that admx files can not be found. Now i downloaded the 2008 r2 english admx files and place them in the right spot.stil getting problems with reading the GPO's, also putted the 2012 r2 policy's in the policy definition folder. this kind of errors i get : Resource '$(string.AxISURLZonePolicies)' referenced in attribute displayName could not be found. File \\W2K8R2-DC01.[Domainname].local\sysvol\[Domainname].local\Policies\PolicyDefinitions\ActiveXInstallService.admx, line
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