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  1. It was a combination of 1607 being out of date and forgetting to check 'ignore dismissible compatibility messages'
  2. I've been pushing the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 1607 for a couple of months. Have done 600+ machines succesfully. All of a sudden, starting a few weeks ago ALL upgrades are failing and rolling back to Windows 7 with one of the following errors: The task sequence execution engine failed execution of the task sequence. The task sequence manager could not successfully complete the execution of the task sequence. I suspect it's failing at the Intel HD video driver that's incompatible because I have to accept the removal when manually updating. Before, it would just delete and add the Microsoft generic, and I'd have to load the Win10 Intel Driver later in the task sequence. ...but that's just a guess. Where should I look and what do I look for? Why all of a sudden would this stop working?
  3. Duh, I was monitoring the whole collection on the dashboard including servers instead of my workstations policy. GarthMJ, thanks! 1. because you responded, and 2. You made me realize how dumb I was being. I need a day off.
  4. Thanks... I did run both from right click tools on Thursday and again on Friday. Am I just being too impatient?
  5. Thanks... Dumb question - Is that different than the client Hardware and Software inventories that I kicked off on the clients? If so, how do I kick off a "full" inventoy
  6. I have 300 servers that use a different endpoint protection (Sophos) than my workstations (SCCM MS Endpoint). How can I keep the servers from reporting in my system center endpoint statistics. They show as endpoint protection agent not installed, and it's messing up my numbers. Thanks
  7. I cannot get an uninstalled program to stop showing in SCCM query. I've: Uninstalled it. Run a script to remove the registry settings Deleted the program folder. Run Hardware and Software Inventory Cycles from the Workstation clients The program is still showing up in my query against the program name. I need to remove this from the SCCM report ASAP because of an audit. (It was accidentally added to one of the gold images, even though it's not been used in 10 years.)
  8. I am upgrading 3000 PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with SCCM 2012. There are 10+ different models (mostly HP). I've done about 400 so far. After the upgrade to windows 10, the Intel video driver is stripped and replaced by a generic Microsoft video driver. The different models require different drivers. How can I update the video drivers on the multiple versions of PCs during the OS upgrade task sequence? Thanks!
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