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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I have what might be a simple question however i am not finding an answer anywhere. I am tasked with doing the following. Reboot computers in the collection at a specific time. (I am able to do that via simple package that contain one line command to reboot them) This works fine if the computers are on the network and are online. But quite a few of our employees work from home over the weekend so therefore computers are not in the office. I am rebooting computers at 7 am Monday, what would happen if a user comes in at 9 am? Will the computer still reboot? How long after when c
  2. Hi, I'm upgrading our Windows 10 clients to 1703 build and i'm using a built-in task sequence in order to upgrade it. I tried servicing plans and it works well but i want to upgrade a Displaylink (display) driver after OS upgrade because the new build needs a new driver... so i decided to use a task sequence. I followed some posts from Niall (thank you!) and now i can advise to user, capture logs, upgrade multiple language (spanish & english), etc... https://www.niallbrady.com/2016/05/21/how-can-i-deal-with-languages-in-the-upgrade-task-sequence-us
  3. I'm seeing some weird behaviour when building a new Dell Latitude 7490. Boot List Option is set to UEFI and I've tried this with SATA Operation mode in both AHCI and RAID On. I PXE boot the laptop and start my OSD TS which sets some more BIOS settings (disable UEFI Network Stack, disable Legacy Option ROMs and enable Secure Boot). It then formats the disk with GPT partitions (700MB FAT32 Primary with TSUEFIDrive variable and 100% of remaining space NTFS Primary) and reboots. The laptop goes through POST, displaying the Dell splash screen and then just powers off as if there are no boot op
  4. Hi all, Hoping someone can assist with my question. I have a VPN client that needs upgrading from an out of date (by 2 years) version to the new shiny one. Because of how out of date it is, I can't use the newest version as a direct upgrade as its not supported on the version I'm upgrading from so I need to do the following: Uninstall VPN Reboot Install new version Reboot I tried this in a task sequence but it didnt work, it uninstalled but didnt reinstall the new one. Has anyone got a different way of doing this? I should also add that uninstalling the VPN client dis
  5. Hey Guys / Niall - I am making an important deployment today and wanted at least one other to review it to ensure it's correct before enabling So for the next 2-3 weeks, I've been instructed to reboot thousands of workstations nightly with notification at 3:00am each morning. I already have a task sequence which executes a custom notification EXE which also offers delay options and more and once it exists then the system reboots successfully. When doing this previously, I was afraid that random reboots may occur so deployed the TS daily to be available the following morning at 2:59
  6. Hey Guys, Long time lurker thought i would leave this here for someone to find. We have a client that wants windows 8.1 installed but have noticed the limited support for SCCM 2012 and certain drivers. My issue was the Task sequence would complete successfully (with long driver loads, hp supplies 1.5GB of drivers) but would fail with the error ""Windows could not parse or process the unattended..." it was on the windows 8.1 boot screen. To the best of my knowledge what would happen is the drivers would load but then reboot the system in the middle of the windows setup. and then set a flag
  7. I have been working with SCCM 2007 for about a year now. I have been asked to create a TS that will reboot the system, then log back in and run a task on the PC. I have created TS in the past that do this, but these TS were created from the installed templates from the MDT. I have looked and tore apart my existing TS that do this, but I am unable to recreate one from scratch. Any ideas on how to have a TS reboot the system and then log in with our SCCM service account to perform a task?
  8. Hi, I have followed the guides found here to setup SCCM 2012 Beta 2, however I have run into a problem when following part 8. The image successfully PXE boots and once I enter the password and click through the dialogs the setup process starts. The setup manages to get to the stage "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" and reboot, but then after this reboot there is no more dialog (which should still be "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" as ConfigMgr hasn't been installed), and you are taken back to the login screen. I checked the smsts.log file on the client computer, and found this error in the lo
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