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  1. Hello this should be a simple question for a gurus like you guys I am pushing an updates at a specific time, they show up in software center fine. after dead line is reached Status Changes to Past due - Will be installed. How long before automatic installation will start the install process? Is there any way to speed up start of the installation after that message comes up?
  2. Hello, I have what might be a simple question however i am not finding an answer anywhere. I am tasked with doing the following. Reboot computers in the collection at a specific time. (I am able to do that via simple package that contain one line command to reboot them) This works fine if the computers are on the network and are online. But quite a few of our employees work from home over the weekend so therefore computers are not in the office. I am rebooting computers at 7 am Monday, what would happen if a user comes in at 9 am? Will the computer still reboot? How long after when computer is on the network should reboot be expected? Any way to speed this process up?
  3. Hello all, I am in need of an advisement here. I am trying to update BIOS with SCCM and i am ruining in to some problems here. So far what i have done are the following. 1. Created a script that makes a directory then ROBOCOPY file from a network share to a created directory then lunches the file. Deployed the script as an application. Script hangs after creating a new directory. After some troubleshooting i figured that file doesn't get copied from network to a local computer (something has to do that script runs under system rights and cant access the share). 2. I created a package that had a script that was supposed to do the same (copy file and execute) Copy of the script however the package doesn't even run for some reason i don't see anything in Software Center on a target computer. I am at a lost here. Any advice would be great.
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