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  1. Hi I have a couple of questions regarding using language packs in a reference image in MDT. We want to deploy Swedish OS to all our users and I was advised to do this using English OS media with corresponding language pack (Windows 10 1803) instead of using localized media. It appears to have installed the language pack correctly in the reference image but the display language of the OS before the capture is in English (I have a suspend action in the task sequence). My question is what is the best way to set the display language automatically to Swedish once the LP is installed by the task sequence? Some other concerns regarding patching and updating the client once it has been deployed: We will be deploying the REF-image using OSD in SCCM 1802 and use SUP/ADR rules to patch the clients, I assume the patches we download for Windows 10 will need to be in English since the base OS is English? Are there any other considerations we need to make? What are the implications of using SCCM/Servicing for Windows 10 when updating a client with a LP, say 1709 to 1803? I know that the version of the language pack must match the release version of Windows but is there anything else? I would really appreciate if someone has some experience of this and could give me some feedback. Regards Emile
  2. Hi, I would appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction (own experience, guides, blogs etc) on which steps need to be carried out to do a successful side-by-side migration from SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 (CU4) to CB 1710. We are going to start our Windows 10 deployment project in our company this spring and are currently managing our clients running/deploying Windows 8.1 from our SCCM 2012 R2 site. The reason for considering to do a side-by-side migration (as opposed to an in place upgrade) is that I will be responsible for OS Deployment of Windows 10 in SCCM (with MDT integration) and I am just starting out with MDT/OS Deploy, I lack some experience and am learning the tools now. On the SCCM 2012 we are using now to deploy our 8.1 clients the MDT integration is "half working" so to speak, to understand how it´s been setup would require a lot of reverse engineering and it all feels a bit overwhelming since it´s not been well documented. I'm basically afraid I will "break" the OS deploy on the 2012 server since part of the upgrade procedure is uninstalling ADK for Windows 8,1 and install ADK for Windows 10 (may cause problems with boot images/drivers etc.) It feels tempting to setup a fresh CM server on 2016 and setup everything from scratch and migrate clients from the 2012 site to the CB site in a controlled fashion. It would also be benifical from a learning aspect and to be able to document the installation. Description of current SCCM environment: -One Primary Site Server (also running 11 other roles) -12 servers running DP and Site System Roles -Boundaries and Boundary Groups for each of the servers above -Approx 750 managed devices (all running Windows 8.1) I know there are alot of considerations to be made but find it difficult to find recent information on how to do a side-by-side migration from SCCM 2012 R2 to CB, In the case of 2012 SP1 most people seem to recommend an in-place-upgrade Thanks for reading and hope you can help!
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