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  1. Yes, I cache the WIM/upgrade package and other packages but they are cached in the CCM cache. It´s only the drivers that need to be stored in a custom path. /Emile
  2. Hi Yes it´s now working as expected after using a a custom path for my drivers as suggested by Martin Bengtsson in this guide https://www.imab.dk/windows-as-a-service-precaching-drivers-before-in-place-upgrades-with-configmgr-task-sequences/. /Emile
  3. Update: I have managed to repair WMI using a Powershell script on a client which is in the state described in my inital post and the TS changes status to "installed". However, when I initiate the installation of the IPU it starts downloading all the contents again despite the fact that everything has remained in the cache when repairing WMI (which we obviously want to avoid since it´s between 10-13 Gb over Direct Access/VPN).
  4. I have tried to repair the SCCM client (which did not help), I have not found a reliable repairing the WMI, do you have any tips? I´m currently setting up this solution to see if it helps me: https://www.andersrodland.com/configmgr-client-health/
  5. We are deploying a Windows 1909 IUP which consists of a Pre-Cache TS which tattoos the registry and then moves the client to a new collection which has an app advertised to run the actual IUP (which references another TS). I have followed Martin Bengtssons excellent guides to do this https://www.imab.dk/windows-as-a-service-sharing-my-precache-and-in-place-upgrade-task-sequences-part-1/ https://www.imab.dk/windows-as-a-service-sharing-my-precache-and-in-place-upgrade-task-sequences-part-2/ The problem we are experiencing is that on about 10% of the clients the Pre-Cache TS is stuck
  6. Hi Martin Thank you for taking your time to reply, much appreciated. We are downloading the drivers to the CM cache, I think the PreCache TS that you have available for download (that we based our PreCache TS on) has BIOS packages as examples and not drivers so I might have missunderstood how it should be done. I just had a quick look at the guide above (which I haven´t seen previously) and it seems like you have to use regular packages and not driver packages which we are using (we only have 2 hardware models and thought it was overkill using Driver Automation Tool but maybe should
  7. Hi I have an issue whereby my Windows 10 IPU task sequence is downloading all driver packages specified in the TS (Download Package Content) allthough the correct driver packages already exist in the CCM cache on the PC running the TS. I have used the following guide to create a PreCache task sequence: https://www.imab.dk/windows-as-a-service-sharing-my-precache-and-in-place-upgrade-task-sequences-part-1/ (credit to Martin Bengtsson for the excellent guide) and it works very well. A PC which has successfully run the PreCache TS downloads the correct drivers (using a WMI query) and
  8. Hi I have a couple of questions regarding using language packs in a reference image in MDT. We want to deploy Swedish OS to all our users and I was advised to do this using English OS media with corresponding language pack (Windows 10 1803) instead of using localized media. It appears to have installed the language pack correctly in the reference image but the display language of the OS before the capture is in English (I have a suspend action in the task sequence). My question is what is the best way to set the display language automatically to Swedish once the LP is instal
  9. Hi, I would appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction (own experience, guides, blogs etc) on which steps need to be carried out to do a successful side-by-side migration from SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 (CU4) to CB 1710. We are going to start our Windows 10 deployment project in our company this spring and are currently managing our clients running/deploying Windows 8.1 from our SCCM 2012 R2 site. The reason for considering to do a side-by-side migration (as opposed to an in place upgrade) is that I will be responsible for OS Deployment of Windows 10 in SCCM (with MD
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