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Found 7 results

  1. Hello I am looking to install WSUS onto our SCCM 2012 R2 server for the first time, however I am getting some errors in the wsyncmgr.log and wcm.log files. To install WSUS I did the following: Installed WSUS with default settings and port 8530 Installed KB2720211 Rebooted the server Installed KB2734608 Rebooted the server Installed SUP role in SCCM with critical updates for server 2012 r2 only Triggered catalogue sync I am getting errors as follows: It's strange as the wcm.log file shows that it connects to the WSUS on the server fine, but the wsyncmgr.log file states it can't find a WSUS server. I have tried removing everything and starting from scratch, without any success. Any idea where I am going wrong? I am running SCCM 2012 R2 with the latest SP1, on a Server 2008 R2 OS, with WSUS 3.0 SP2 installed on the same server. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, I am new to SCCM. We have newly built SCCM environment. I have installed agents on all the machine and they are communicating fine. We had MDT solution before under which we had several wim images ready to go. I am following your article step by step but not getting anywhere. First when i try to pxe boot my test machine I am getting "TFTP Download: smsboot\x64\abortpxe.com" "PXE Boot Aborted. Booting to next device". When i go to check my smspxe log, it is not even updating. It is stuck on red screenshot attached. I have tried removing pxe and wds role, rebooted and re-added the roles, still not luck. I am stuck on this for a week now. Please assist. Thanks Attached Images
  3. hi I have a windows server 2008r2 as a event collector and a few other server asevent forwarder .I don have enough space on collector .so I decided to change the location of forwarded event to other server with enough disk space . but the problem is here that I could not change the forwarded event file Path.I need to store the ForwardedEvent to a share folder on other machine . is it possible to store ForwardedEvent on other machin using UNC path in Event viewer->Windowslogs->forwardedEvent->properties ???
  4. Hello, I was wondering if any one can help me out here, been having these problems for a little while now... 1) When I try to capture images of pre built machines, I can't save them the images back to the WDS server. Every time I try to connect to the location I get this error 'The network location cannot be reached. For more information see Windows Help'. I have now tried to do this 7 times,with different machines every time but I get the same error every time... I can save the images to the HDD and copy them off and import them into WDS but this is time consuming.. 2) Once I have captured an image and have imported it into WDS how can I create the boot file so I can deploy it to other machines? I have the image01.wim file but can't see how to create an boot.wim file specific to that install images. I now have 5 or 6 images which I cant deploy because of this. Please any help would be grateful need to try and get this fixed!! Thank you
  5. Hi, We have been happily using WDS to capture Windows 7, server 2003 & server 2008 & deploy these with great success. However we have a requirement to capture an existing server 2008 with multiple partitions & redeploy Everything I have been reading says it can't really be done successfully with WDS. Server Setup:- Windows Server 2008 OS - C:\ 68.3 GB Program Files - E:\ 136Gb Program Files - F:\ 136Gb SO as you can see above we need to capture all partitions & deploy successfully. Can anyone advise if that have successfully completed this task. Thanks 2scoops
  6. good morning everyone. i am in the process of trying to get WDS to work in out live environment. everything works like a charm in the test lab and it is time to move over to live. i have run into a strange issue when PXe booting a PC. well first it does not pxe boot. however i do not get any errors. the PXE boot screen looks like this. CLIENT MAC ADDR (mac address shown) GUID (guid shown) DHCP............................................................................... ........................................................................................ this will go on for as long as i allow it to before hitting esc. so here is what i know. server 2k8r2 DHCP is on different vlan then WDS option 60 and do not listen on port 67 are UNCHECKED on DHCP tab in properties of WDS DHCP and WDS servers have different IP but same subnet all ports on routers are open. if you need any further info please ask. i will be watching this thread for the next 3.5 hours then off and on for the rest of the day. thank you in advance.
  7. Hello folks, How can I include the terminal server build in a TS? I have around 20 apps to install and for Terminal Server(Remote Deskop Services) the role has to be installed first and then set to ''change user /install" to install apps and then revert back to " change user /execute". I ran as TS step as command but it failed with no apparent reasons. The log is very vague, so hoping someone already went thru this. Thanks!!
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