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  1. yes indeed i did. and my apologies for not stating that here as well.
  2. good morning everyone. i am in the process of trying to get WDS to work in out live environment. everything works like a charm in the test lab and it is time to move over to live. i have run into a strange issue when PXe booting a PC. well first it does not pxe boot. however i do not get any errors. the PXE boot screen looks like this. CLIENT MAC ADDR (mac address shown) GUID (guid shown) DHCP............................................................................... ........................................................................................ this will go on for as long as i allow it to before hitting esc. so here is what i know. server 2k8r2 DHCP is on different vlan then WDS option 60 and do not listen on port 67 are UNCHECKED on DHCP tab in properties of WDS DHCP and WDS servers have different IP but same subnet all ports on routers are open. if you need any further info please ask. i will be watching this thread for the next 3.5 hours then off and on for the rest of the day. thank you in advance.
  3. good morning everyone. i had posted earlier in the week regarding an issue about configmgr not installing on my target PC's. i have some extra info on the subject. it seems like SCCM is not kicking in at all. which would explain why configmgr and my firefox package are not being deployed. ok here is what i have. this is a local lab setup. server box running 2k8r2 mysql 2k5 sp4 sccm2k7 sp1 (NOT r2) regular linksys router. configured DHCP also the images were pre built and captured with max compression using imageX. via bootable 16G thumbdrive. ive been trying to find logs like CCMsetup.log and i cannot locate it anywhere. its not in the normal place or not present at all maybe? so i turn to your expert advice and help. before i rip this out and start over for the 4th time... please help me not do this again. i just might punch a puppy if i have to start again. (kidding i love dogs) all kidding aside though. i appreciate the help.
  4. my apologies on the delay. work related issues took precedence. yes i created a new package from definition for the configmgr client. there is nothing in control panel for the client. made sure by changing it out of that category view. as far as why i really have no idea. there are no errors no warnings nothing. it acts as if it installs. now as far as the logfiles are concerned i cannot find them anywhere. ive scoured my server looking for ccmsetup.log and have come up empty. ive refered to the logfile location guide from technet but have come up empty. i know its something im doing wrong. im just not sure what it is... is there any alternative locations these logfiles can be going to?
  5. sorry i guess i was not clear here. the task sequence deploys fine. i check the task sequence to verify that the configmgr package is added. however when the deployment is finished there is no sign of it being installed on the target PC.
  6. i realize this is a lil vague and i apologize for that. still extremely new to deployments. heck server work in general HAHA
  7. Good day everyone. i was hoping i could get some assistance here. we have a test lab setup running server 2k8r2 sccm2k7sp1. ive managed to miraculously setup and configure deployments with relative success thanks to these amazingly detailed guides. kudos to everyone who put in the work to get these out there. they are a terrific help. i have 0 server experience and managed to get this up and running. albeit not 100% so here is my question. everything is configured as per anywebs guides. 100% complience to them. spent all day today going over each and every guide to verify. the ONLY difference is i am not using WSUS yet. i have created a firefox software package exactly as the guide shows me. the image im using is a custom prebuilt image with all relative software preinstalled. this includes drivers etc etc. my image deploys without a hitch. my issue is that i cannot get the ccm client to install to my custom image as well as firefox. now i know your going to want logs so i would like to know what logs you will need as well as tips or instructions for me. i appreciate any and all help/advice you can give. Mike.
  8. good day everyone. first let me start off by saying i am BY FAR not an expert at deployment or servers in general. this project was essentially dumped into my lap. im trying to get an OS deployment setup and with the help of the guides on this site i have been able to accomplish a lot. so i want to thank all the posters and the writers of the guides. im trying to upload an image but when i try it tells me that im not allowed to use a local path. ok understandable. bu i was wondering if there was a way around that. otherwise im going to have to move 30 gigs of images over to our NAS and try to access them from there. (which btw i have failed miserably at doing) i would like to access the images on the "local" drive if it is possible. if not then its back to figuring out how to access them from the NAS. any help you can provide is greatly appreciated and i apologize if there is a lack of information. like i said im VERY green in this area. thanks Mike
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