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  1. I've noticed that whenever i try any other install option other than the standard NDP452-KB2901907-x86-x64-AllOS.exe the installation is successful, but SCCM reports it as failed as it can't detect the program. I thought that the detection method was only used before the installation takes place? I've double checked my detection rule and it seems to be correct, and indeed after the installation completes the registry that its looking for is in place. Any other ideas?
  2. I've tried a few options now: Expanding the .net package, and then re-zipping it as a self-extracting .exe. I then created a bat file to expand the file, install .net, and then delete the expanded files. This installed .net but SCCM returns a failed code Then I tried writing an AutoIT script to expand the files and install, but after it expands SCCM fails stating that an installation is already in progress Finally, i tried writing an AutoIT script that installs from the normal .net install file. Like above, this installed .net successfully but SCCM returns a failed code as it can't dete
  3. Would it not be an issue there after the installation though? The application isn't even installing so it wouldn't have anything to detect
  4. Notice something else now... If i make the application available to the client, and then click install from software centre, the application deploys and installs ok If I make it required, it fails, and then only works if i click retry in software centre
  5. Thanks, these are actually the two sites I used to create the package in the first place. The machines i'm attempting to deploy to have no version of .net installed
  6. Trying to deploy to a mixture of Windows 7 Enterprise and Pro, 95% are x86 The test VM's i'm using are Windows 7 Enterprise x86 with SP1 and all other latest updates
  7. If I run the following manually it works fine: NDP452-KB2901907-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe /q /norestart /ChainingPackage ADMINDEPLOYMENT Seems to be only via SCCM deployment thats having a problem. I also get the same error if i deploy the application for .net only, and not as a dependency for SAP
  8. Hello I'm looking for some advice on a problem I am having when trying to deploy an application that has dependencies on other applications. Please bear with me while I try to explain the problem. I am trying to deploy an application called SAP, that has a dependency on 2 other applications - .net Framework and Visual C++ Redist. When the application is deployed, if it detects if one of the 2 other apps are missing and then it will automatically deploy those first. If I deploy SAP to a client that has both dependencies, the deployment works fine. If i deploy to a client that doe
  9. Hello I am looking to install WSUS onto our SCCM 2012 R2 server for the first time, however I am getting some errors in the wsyncmgr.log and wcm.log files. To install WSUS I did the following: Installed WSUS with default settings and port 8530 Installed KB2720211 Rebooted the server Installed KB2734608 Rebooted the server Installed SUP role in SCCM with critical updates for server 2012 r2 only Triggered catalogue sync I am getting errors as follows: It's strange as the wcm.log file shows that it connects to the WSUS on the server fine, but the wsyncmgr.log file states
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