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  1. Hello everybody, we have a rather annoying problem with our newly installed Windows 10 clients. Since our company does not allow internet access for clients for security reasons and therefore our domain network does not provide such access, Windows 10 shows a "Connect to a network" dialogue during first boot after completing the OSD TS. Unfortunately this dialogue seems to pause the boot process, so everytime an OSD TS has been completed, someone has to walk over to the client, click "skip", and confirm "yes I really do like my current domain network and want to bloody skip right n
  2. Turns out that I didn't have to perfom another re-install. Yesterday's attempt worked almost perfectly and the reports are now in English. I just didn't notice it then because parts of the SSRS interface are still German. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but the people doing the reporting all speak German and if the actual reports are English, we can live with the current state. I will take another look at this in the future when we have a reason to add or migrate servers. Thanks again @GarthMJ for pointing us in the right direction!
  3. I used en-US ISO's for all three components (OS, SQL, SCCM) and went with the standard settings for language. However, changing the regional settings seems to have affected the system account as well, as you have pointed out, so I'll try another re-install tomorrow afternoon when most users are gone for the weekend. I really miss the old times when installers just asked you which language you wanted to use instead of attempting arcane predictions based on system settings. The current solution leaves the impression of having been devised by people who never had to work in a multilingual envir
  4. Thanks for your reply. I checked the SSRS server language and it was already set to en-us. I reinstalled SSRS with a new database and all of the server's locale options set to English but SCCM still populates it with German reports when I install the reporting services point. 😕
  5. Hi, we recently migrated from SCCM 2012 to the current branch. We are using an English system locale combined with a German user locale (to get a continental European date and time format) and everything looked fine (i.e. English), until we took a look at the Reporting Services and noticed that all reports are in German. Apparently it doesn't matter what your system or browser language is or where we are accessing the RS from, because the reports we get are always in German. So far we have found no way to change the language of the Reporting Services, and Google hasn't been too helpful ei
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