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  1. CM does not inventory location or department by default. So.....
  2. All I'm going to do is bing it. This hasn't really changed in years aka since sccm 2007 so if you found something, it will work.
  3. It sound like you have duplicate guids, and everything will keep updating the one computer. if you need to confirm and fix all of the computers to remove the duplicate guid. This generally happens when imaging is not correctly syspreped.
  4. There is nothing built-in for this a quick bing search will show you how to do this via powershell.
  5. Make sure that you setup IP Ranges only. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/servers/deploy/configure/boundaries
  6. Based on your short log snitit, the client installed collect. You problem is likely the boundaries are setup incorrectly.
  7. You don't need four primaries just because you have four sites. You might need remote DPs, but definitely not site.
  8. For 2000 computers, you only require a single primary site. Having multiple primary in no way helps with reporting. Having 4 primary with a CAS is a HUGE overhead and will have LOTS of problems and require a big team to manage.
  9. There is no way the IBM has created SW that is only used for the personal market. I would call "Bull" on that statement and push them again. Otherwise have you company drop it as it is NOT enterprise software and therefore should NOT be used within a Enterprise.
  10. Let start with do you have over 150,000 computers? aka why have a CAS at all? This is begging for trouble.
  11. First off you only need a CAS if you have over 150000 computers. having one otherwise will cause you lots of problems As such, take the time to move the cas if you don't ahve 150,000 computers. Secondly the CM client installed correctly, you can see that from the ccm.log. Lastly ccmsetup.log does seem like it has finished yet.
  12. One DP for 4500 computer is a lot! The spec is one dp for every 4000 computers. Secondly downloading is generally a boundary issue. Exactly what boundaries are you using? Are we talking apps or packages? Have you reviewed the logs on a problem client?
  13. That download is for CM12 not for CMCB. So ... How exactly are you launching RBA viewer? Where exactly are you getting it from?
  14. What exactly does this mean? What exactly did you set for right?
  15. If you setup RBA correctly, you will only see the collections that you have access too.
  16. The important thing to remember about SW inventory is if the computer hits the 4 hour timeout NO results are sent to CM and stale data will continue to existing within the CM db. You will need to review the inventory agent.log to confirm that it is hitting the 4 hour timeout. This is one of the reason why SW inventory is useless.
  17. if you have two package sharing the same source files then yes it will clean up. and remove SU that don't below to the package. aka the other package. make sure that this isn't the case and everything will be fine.
  18. There is a user voice for it, I would not hold my breath that it will happen anytime soon. As it only has 0 votes. https://configurationmanager.uservoice.com/forums/300492-ideas/suggestions/40878685-hardware-inventory-to-collect-certificates
  19. Since Certs are not inventory by ConfigMgr, you will not be able to query on cert templates either.
  20. There are no built in inventory task for Certs and therefore no reports for this either.
  21. Since computer doesn't generally have email address, and there is not simple way to map a user to a computer. This will not be easy. It would be easier for you to create a report to locate user by user name. Like this one. https://www.enhansoftknowledge.com/knowledge-base/locate-computers-by-username/
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