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  1. Hi everyone? I have a question about SCCM Endpoint Manager Workstation (WORKGROUP out of trusted domain) approval When Workstation are in trusted domain, the autoApproval works like a charm and no problem with that workstation But i notice that for manual approval of "Out of Tursted Domain Workgroup machine", it seems that this approval has a kind of life time in SCCM and after a certain time i need to re-approve them all manually to be able to install again the sccm client on that out of domain machine It seems that this out of domain machine are not permanent approval or maybe the
  2. Hi everyone, I come back to you because at work i'm facing a great problem while creating a SCCM Standalon Media (Endpoint Manager 2006) Context : We have a test environment with a master Windows 10 x64 enterprise version 1903 release (install.wim > 10Gb) + severals software packages + various desktop and laptop models which force us to inject all needed drivers in boot.wim (WinPE) Finaly i should obtain a media with the size more than 100 Gb Important thing : most of computer can boot only with UEFI and do not have anymore Legacy boot option ! So we are forced to use UEFI Th
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