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  1. Hello. In the sms_isvupdates_syncagent.log I see a bunch of stuff like this: SyncUpdateCatalog: 'Dell XPS 15 7590 System BIOS,1.4.0,1.4.0' (Update:'02468469-cb11-4b2c-a810-b1905bb6429e') Vendor 'Dell' Product:'Bios' is not synchronized to WSUS, but is being expired so no action is necessary. SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT 4/27/2021 6:27:59 AM 3632 (0x0E30) SyncUpdateCatalog: 'Dell OptiPlex 3060 System BIOS,1.2.17,1.2.17' (Update:'02597ab3-2eaa-4fa3-92f0-ec4058d08b97') Vendor 'Dell' Product:'Bios' is not synchronized to WSUS, but is being expired so no action is necessary.
  2. I have added the Dell catalog. It has synced. No errors in log files. But when I go to my software update point and click on Products I do not see Dell listed. I should see Firmware, Software, BIOS that I can click on. enable 3rd party updates on SUP = Yes enable 3rd party updates in client settings = yes let sccm manage certificates = yes Running MECM 2013. What other setting am I missing?
  3. I know this is not the best site for what I will ask but I figured it is worth a shot. Dell has a tool called DellWarranty-cli.exe that is supposed to take the warranty information from a Dell computer and upload that into your SCCM/DB. Problem is Dell has zero to little documentation on actually using it. Does anyone have a working command that imports the warranty information from a Dell computer into SCCM? I've tried many different command lines and so far none of them work. Tried to delete. I figured it out. delete post
  4. turns out it was a firewall issue. I am now install clients. thank you.
  5. It is odd. I did join the laptop to AD. On my laptop I can ping both my AD server and my primary site server. From the servers I can ping the laptop. GPO's apply. I setup a custom wallpaper for example. That is why I'm a bit confused over the error in the log.
  6. My target laptop is joined to the domain. Domain Admins is a member of its local admin group. Boundaries are setup. Machine shows up in "All Systems" since system discovery finds it in AD. in my CCM.LOG I get this. All firewalls are OFF. ======>Begin Processing request: "2097152022", machine name: "P3560" SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 4/22/2021 7:19:59 AM 14424 (0x3858) Execute query exec [sp_IsMPAvailable] N'TST' SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 4/22/2021 7:19:59 AM 14424 (0x3858) ---> Trying each entry in the SMS Client Remote Installation ac
  7. Mr. Anyweb, you are a knowledgeable man, I have an issue with Intune that Microsoft will not help me with. I am an individual, not a company so their support said they can't help me. I guess paying $29 per month does not cut it 😉 I have VMWorkstation setup and within VMWorkstation I have stood up AD, SCCM, SQL, DHCP, DNS etc.... I setup an Azure subscription for $29 per month. I have integrated Intune with SCCM. I can log into portal.azure.com and I can see the Users and Groups from my AD/SCCM server. In SCCM I see my Intune Tenant. From my portal.azure.com websi
  8. I have SCCM CB 2010 installed. Under administration \ cloud services I do Not see Intune Subscriptions. I see in this screenshot below what it looks like but I don't have it. How do I add that? I want to setup a Cloud Distribution Point and when I try I log in using my Intune account and it finds my tenant but the Subscription is blank and I can't manually enter it. Thank you.
  9. OK, I have now confirmed the reg keys in question are present. But no matter what I do I can't run this PowerShell script from with a Task Sequence. I have tried to do this manually with psexec. I have opened up a CMD window "as Administrator" and I've run two different commands. Command 1: Fails with Access Denied. psexec -s -accepteula cmd.exe /c powershell.exe "C:\windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -noprofile -executionpolicy bypass -file c:\temp\run.ps1" Command 2: Works!! psexec -u acme.org\MyAdminID -p MyPassword -accepteula cmd.exe /c powershel
  10. Wait..... I just discovered something that is causing this. The following REG keys are NOT present. hklm:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MPSD\OSD Now we are using UDI to throw up custom dialogs during the OSD process. One of these is called NEW COMPUTER DETAILS and on this page I added custom OU's to add machines too. Again, I know 100% for sure this reg key used work and it entered data into the registry. For 2 years we would build machines and they would show up in the right OU and have the AD Machine Description set to whatever was entered into the UDI dialogs. Then we upgraded to CM20
  11. Hi, I have a PowerShell script that used to work before we upgraded to CM2012 1602. Now it no longer works and I've tried many many different things to make it work. I have tried (that I got from this site) to create a Package that has no Program. That does not work. I have called a CMD and use -bypass etc..... that does not work. I have tried to run a PowerShell script and choose Bypass and that does not work. I have tried to place my .PS1 file in the %scriptroot% on our MDT share and that does not work. How on earth can I run the following .PS1 script from within a CM2012 Task
  12. I built a new secondary site server. It is running SCCM 2007 R3. I have checked and doubled checked that all perms are setup correctly and it has all the things it needs. IIS, BITS, remote diff compression, WebDav, R3. And the machine account has rights to the parent site DB and the machine account is a member of the needed AD groups to give it Admin rights on all required servers. In fact this secondary site is setup exactly like our other secondary sites (which all work) Each time I try to F12 a machine I get PXE-MOF Exiting Intel PXE ROM OS not found error. I've looked at
  13. I get the same error when I run my TS Failed to run the action: Prepare Windows for Capture. The request is not supported. (Error: 80070032; Source: Windows) I created a Boot Media and run all of this from a WinPE DVD. How do you get by this error.
  14. Yes, I did a Capture Boot Media too. That seems to be the only way. But it still dies. Can you post your Capture Task Sequence? here is mine. Am I missing anything? <?xml version="1.0"?> <SmsTaskSequencePackage xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <BootImageID>NA1000B4</BootImageID> <Category /> <DependentProgram /> <Description /> <Duration>360</Duration> <Name>z_Capture8200</Name> <ProgramFlags>152084496</ProgramFlags>
  15. I did read this link: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb632465.aspx and it says the machine can not be joined to a domain. And since my machine is not part of a domain it never ran an inventory so it does not show up in any colllection. In fact, in the Configuration Manager icon in control panel I only see 2 things under the Actions Tab (machine policy and user policy retrieval) So how do you capture this machine when its not part of the domain?
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