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  1. I had same problem when i deployed Windows 8.1 , what i made is that i added variable "OSDComputerName" , this will prompt to add computer name when installing the Image
  2. I noticed 2 things in the VCRedist installation log : in the first line it identifies the OS as it is XP which is actually not true , it is Win7 SP1 that it didnt pass the condition that meets the minumum prerequistes so the line " Condition 'VersionNT64 >= v6.0 OR (VersionNT64 = v5.2 AND ServicePackLevel >= 1)' evaluates to false." Did Anyone faced this problem ??
  3. Dear All, I've been through SCCM for many years , and now i faced a weird problem after i Upgraded my SCCM from 2012R2 CU4 to SCCM 2012 R2SP1, the problem is with the installation of client on most of Windows 7 machines (they are All X64 machines) (Windows 7 SP1). the SCCM Client shows that it failed when it tries to install "vcredist_x64.exe" which is "Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64) - 12.0.21005", when i install the vcredist_x64.exe using the GUI or using the command line it installs succesfully, but it only fails when sccm tries to install it Attached is the SCCM Installation log file and the vcredist_x64.exe installation log SCCM Setup Log ccmsetup.log vcredist_x64.exe installation log VCRedist_x64_Install.log Thanks,
  4. Tcilmo, would you please show me how you deployed the .hta program in the TS , to be more clear i Wanna see the TS Step "Prompt for Password"
  5. Dear All, I would like to thank you for this Amazing forum. I have a simple Question Regarding TS Variables. I want to set the computer name during OS using the OSDComputerName TS Variable.I made my appropriate TS and set the TS Variable step just before the TS "Apply Windows Settings" and left the Value Empty to prompt the computer name. I deployed the TS to the collection that has the computers targeted with the below settings: 1- TS is Available (Not Required) 2- The Deployment is available to (Only Configuration Manager Clients) since am not using PXE Environment . Actually what happens when the TS runs that i see that the TS Variable step is skipped and it doesnt appear , so what May cause the problem ??
  6. it seems that you are using local account "2VMCXV1\UpdatusUser" which doesnt exist locally on the machine you are restoring the data on
  7. Would you Please Post the ccmsetup.log from one of the Clients that Are having the error ?
  8. you can create a separate collection for the computers that you want to exclude , then on the collection that you are pushing the updates on create an exclusion rule
  9. Are you Sure that this Kb installs Manually with no problems ? if yes use the below command wusa.exe <full-path-of-msu> /quiet /norestart
  10. Thanks Nial, I was Capturing Physical Computer. And for More clarification , the image am Deploying Doesnt Make the Format and Partition Step as am Deploying this Image to install Windows 8.1 on C Drive and leave the rest of Drives as it is . Hint: When i used the same TS to Deploy Windows 7 on C Drive only , it worked fine as D,E Drives where the same and the Data Was Maintained, the problem only appeared When i deployed Windows 8.1 on C Drive Only
  11. All, I have a weird problem. I captured few days Ago Windows 8.1 Reference Computer and It had 3 Drives (C,D,E), When i deployed the Image using Stand Alone Media , I found that the sccm assigned Drive D to the USB Flash memory and the original Drives are shifted to E and F Drives. I tried to use TSvariable OSDPreserveDriveLetter and Set it to true but still same behaviour I has SCCM 2012 R2 in my Environment. any suggestions ?
  12. run Machine retrieval Policy on Any of them and check the log file "PolicyAgent.log" , Also try to delete one of those machine from SCCM Console and run rediscovery see whether it shows the client is installed or not
  13. I see he is confused of what boundaries should he do , So i told him the easiest way
  14. rob , Do you mean that the SCCM is moving the computers from their OU to the computers container ??
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