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  1. I wasnt starting it in Windows.... thats what I was doing wrong!
  2. Hey Im looking for some guides or info on creating a Windows 10 OSD deployment which would use USMT to caputre the user profiles on the machine and deploy it. Ive created my task sequence and it runs and completes just fine, but never seems to capture or restore the data. Here is the capture part of the TS: and this is the Restore part of the TS: the whole thing runs and completes but i never see anything about USMT... what am i missing?
  3. Installed the console on the sorch server and it is communicated to scom. still not sure why the 1st alert fails. Its is Monitor Alert (SCOM integration pack) under details: connection = SCOM server address New Alert and Updated Alert checked Filters = Name Contains Stop Treid stopping a service on a monitor sever to see if the runbook would restart the service, but it just fails on Monitor Alert...
  4. Ive installed the console on the scorch server. Not sure how to test the connection though
  5. How do you test the connection between scom and scorch? I do not have the scom console install on the scorech runbook server will do that now.
  6. So i installed the integration pack, and im trying to make a runbook that will restart a service if an alert is triggered. I followed the guide here: http://www.systemcentercentral.com/how-to-restart-any-windows-service-on-scom-alert-from-a-single-orchestrator-runbook/ but for some reason i fail right at the monitor alert part when i run it Is there some permissions setting i am missing? Ive added the scorch account to the local admin of the scom box, and in the admin group of the scom console...
  7. Is there a walk through for this? Ive gotten the client installed but I would like to use SCCM to deploy patches and programs to some of our linux boxes.
  8. So our wild card cert expired, and now i get the Access Denied error when I try to push software. im new to adding certs, and was wondering if there was a guide or something I imported it in the "server and site sytem roles" under DP properties It now shows up in the Admin > Certs and blocked the old one (which is expired), and the new one shows Status: Unblocked Server Name: my.server.name Type: DP But it still cant push any software? What am i doing wrong?
  9. We are pushing SCCM2012 client to a lab on campus, there are 35machines in this lab, and some will install the client via push with no issues while others will return: ---> ERROR: Unable to start service "ccmsetup" on machine "TL04", error = 1068. SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 6/18/2014 12:10:02 PM 3844 (0x0F04) Googling, said to make sure BITS was enabled on the client machine. I checked and sure enough it was not enable on some of them returning the error. I made a GPO to automatically enable it and pushed it. Rebooted some of the clients, check and BITS is not enabled, but im getting the same error when i try ti push the client. Any idea?
  10. when i install right click tool and try to run the expand cache it says "computer name is not online" or it cannot ping the computer?
  11. So we have been working with Solarwinds to sync our SCCM assets / devices with WebHD. It uses a discovery connection to talk to the SCCM database... This is when we notices a weird issue. SCCM (pitboss.xxx.edu) SCCM DB (pitbossdb.xxx.edu) WebHD In SCCM if i look for a machine names AIO_3011 nothing shows up. If we search the tables in the db, for AIO_3011 we find a result. If we search WebHD for AIO_3011 it showsup. The issue is, this computer has been renamed / reimaged to OFFICE_TEST_LAB ... If i search for OFFICE_TEST_LAB in SCCM the machine shows up showing client is installed and active If we search the tables in the db, for OFFICE_TEST_LAB nothing shows up If we search WebHD for OFFICE_TEST_LAB nothing shows up.... Im confused... should SCCM be showing the the same as in the db tables.
  12. I still dont think the WMI is properly installing
  13. Well we added 2 more machines into the device collection, and none are showing the software... I tried to search for those logs, but im not seeing them in the paths specified?
  14. So in our test environment, ive been disabling the local firewall on the client machines. I would prefer not to disable the local firewall on the lab machines though. We have gone through the tutorials / TechNET and tried to enable all the exceptions through GPO but Im getting the following errors which I think are firewall related: We have opend port 443 / 445 / 80 / 135 Added exception for Remote Management, WMI, and File and Print sharing... What am I missing?
  15. Figured this part out. So far we have successfully installed office 2013 / IBM SPSS 21 / Firefox.
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