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  1. Hi I'm looking at creating a wi-fi profile for use with our mobile devices. We have a WPA SSID to connect to but when I create the profile using the wizard I can't seem to find any options that ask me to specify the password for the SSID. Any idea where this is and how I set the password for the wi-fi ?
  2. That will sort of work but the issue is the collection has ALL our software updates applied to it. I want these clients to pickup the rest of the updates but there is one single update we are pushing out that I need to exclude these clients from getting. Also how would SCCM cope with the conflict as the software update collection has a query to detect all our client machines, if I create a manual collection and add them to it they will then be in the include and exclude rule.
  3. thanks for that. How do I setup the exclusion rule ?
  4. Hi We have SCCM 2012 and we have setup our software updates to apply to all our computers. This is working fine but now we have a critical software update that I need to exclude some certain of our computers, due to software incompatibility. As we apply the software updates at the top level i'm not sure how to setup a collection that would exclude this software update. Any ideas on how to get this done ?
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