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  1. see the error I have attached.....this is when I click on test connection subsequent times....first time it works...
  2. ive tried creating a brand new dummy task sequence and same problem...
  3. I think the problem resides before the TS is run......when I am setting up a standard task sequence and entering domain, user name, password...the first time I enter info and test connection it works but any subsequent times I try to test connection it fails......there is something going on there....
  4. I think I may know whats going on...looking at the netsetup.log, it says the computer object is already in the OU but I have already deleted the computer account from with AD......is there anything else I need to do ???
  5. found it....on pc I am imaging right ??? windows\debug\
  6. no the task sequence does not fail...next thing that gets installed is the config manager client.....where do I find the netsetup.log file ?? on the server or machine I am imaging ?? thanks.
  7. hey guys, I have an urgent issue......my task sequence cant seem to join a domain now....it was working before....I can join the domain using the same credentials after the task sequence ends so don't understand... I noticed one thing... when I go into the network settings task sequence and specify the user name, password and click test connection it works fine the first time but if I open that dialog again and click test connection it fails with error logon failure:unknown user name or bad password.... I don't get it... also I am not specifying any OU...its blank.... help.
  8. kool rocket man, thanks....can you please walk me through where or how to check the hierachy and the rest ??? the environment i am administering as follows: only 1 primary site.........no cas and no secondary sites.....one server for all the roles including mp, dp and so on.....default task sequence + 5 apps.... thanks......
  9. hi guys, I had setup my windows 7 activation using a cmd line task sequence and VL code...it was working fine and now its not.......i checked the VL key has not expired..... anyone run into this ? thanks..
  10. hey guys, is there a 3rd party tool for 2012 to check client installed apps like you could do in 2007 ??? I need to check the add/remove of a client for apps..... thanks....
  11. hey folks, question.....I pxed and imaged a computer.....now when I go into devices, right click and clear pxe, I get the message, "There is no record of a required PXE deployment...." shouldn't it clear it ??? thanks..
  12. hi guys, need to bounce ideas off.....I have an environment currently as follows.....a sccm 2012 server with all the default roles installed including primary site server, dp and so on......the company currently has roughly 300 computers and may grow to 500 in a few years......slow growth I don't anticipate needing a second site or second dp... my question is what boundries should I create ?? my preferences are active directory site and ip address ranges....I wanted to stay away from ip subnet as I have heard it causes problems and is complex..... thoughts ???
  13. thanks...so once i build and capture, do i take the new wim file and create a new operating system and operating installer ?? do i need to distribute the content ?? do i just copy the captured wim file into the default windows source folder ??? so a question during the capture phase......one of the task sequences installs the config manager client....do i do this during the build and capture phase or during the actuall deployment of the OS ??? also i was told to make the wim file small dont install apps on the base image but after during deploying.....thoughts ??
  14. hello folks, I have a question. I am new to sccm 2012 os deploying but learning very quickly......I have created a standard task sequence to deploy the default windows 7 image, install adobe, java and office no problem... I am trying to capture an image now and this is what I am doing. I added a task sequence step at the end of the default standard task to capture....... my question is, can I install an application manually during a capture phase ?? I have tried pausing the task sequence but I don't know how to install the app. I was expecting when I pause the task seq at the end that I would get the desktop at the end and install the application before the final capture.......am I making sense in what I am asking ?? I hope so.........I am limited in that I don't want to use mdt, just sccm 2012 task sequences..... thanks much
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