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SCCM run install as admin

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I have a setup.exe that when run with an admin account works fine. When I try to setup a package a deploy it with SCCM "SYSTEM" tries to run it and it hangs. How can I setup a application so that it will copy the setup.exe and then run it as a admin account?


Some things to consider are the following


I have tried the runas command and that does not work, even trying something as simple as runas with cmd.exe launches a window that you cannot interact with.


I have heard that you might be able to run command lines with Tasq Sequence in SCCM and specify to run them as an admin but I don't know how this would work with a deployment because SCCM puts things in C:\Windows\CCMcache\random letter. I could see running the setup command for the setup.exe and specifying to run it as an admin account but I don't know how you could deal with the random letter that would make the path unknowable before it has been downloaded to the computer.


I feel like if MS just changed SCCM so that you you could run the application installer as a specified user instead of "SYSTEM" it would solve so many issues with SCCM.

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test the package by running it in a cmd prompt as system with psexec, this will show you the problem

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