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  1. I don't think so as no devices do this now, and I think it's a user policy. But I'll double check, I'll do some gpresults and check the registy. I think.i read it was the default for W11 21H2 but did see anything for W1021H2.
  2. Wondering if the 21H2 task bar default behaviour has changed. I am building devices frim sccm and the task bar is auto hiding on all. Built from iso from VLC.
  3. Hi we recently done a feature update on all our W10 devices from CMG. All went well until we found that the user domain profile GUID was not present. I am assuming this is passed to the client at logon when the device has line of sight to the DC. but as everybody is working remotely and only initiating a vpn connection post logon, it not pulling the GUID down. SO my question to you brainy lot is, is there a way of refreshing the profile post logon or dragging the Guid off the domain. we have been fixing this manually one by one but i could do with an automated method via sccm/mem There should be a string value called Guid under the following registry key: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\<profile>
  4. Due to our firewall constraints we cant use FQDN and wild card within our split tunnel setup. so we had added the CMG to the split tunnel via static IP. our network team don't want any CCM traffic coming over the VPN, and we are heavily reliant on VPN. I am trying to get them to upgrade the firewall but apparently its a big job. Off VPN it works a treat. via M$
  5. Hi, I have CMG set up for Office 365 monthly updates, I want the content to come from CMG rather than Microsoft. but it is defaulting to Microsoft. I do have the content distributed to the CMG (Deployment package) I also have the tick box for use Microsoft de-selected on the deployment. this is frustrating as we want to switch to split tunnel to force VPN to use CMG. Normal updates are coming from CMG (direct) ok. any ideas Guys as always much appreciated. Thanks
  6. I think there are issues with my CMG, ill do some more digging. Just found out the BAU team have been making changes. !!!!! AARRGhhhh
  7. Hi can't seem to zip it, but there is only one file. where expecting more, below is the loop i am seeing in the WUAhandler, hope this helps On Prem connected is fine. sorts itself out.
  8. Hi After some advice on methods people use to set up vpn based collections. I use IP but find its slow to refresh/update. We apply client settings which are quite restricted which we need to switch soon as they drop off VPN. Thanks
  9. Hi all, I am seeing the following error in my WUAhandler log. wuahandler.logOnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Error = 0x80240438 But I only see this off network (not on VPN) connected to the CMG. Soon as we vpn it corrects itself. Also this isn't all our devices. Love some suggestions on a fix Thanks Rob
  10. Hi does any know of any tools to assist in moving the sccm source repository. For updating all the location on all packages, apps, drivers etc? Thanks Rob
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