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I have CMG set up for Office 365 monthly updates, I want the content to come from CMG rather than Microsoft. but it is defaulting to Microsoft. I do have the content distributed to the CMG (Deployment package) I also have the tick box for use Microsoft de-selected on the deployment. this is frustrating as we want to switch to split tunnel to force VPN to use CMG.

Normal updates are coming from CMG (direct) ok. 

any ideas Guys 

as always much appreciated. 


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first question, why do you want the clients to download windows updates from the CMG instead of via microsoft ?


and have you seen this ?


Finally, I wanted to call out an implementation within the Configuration Manager client when it comes to Microsoft Updates. You do not need to deploy your Microsoft software updates packages to the CMG: If a client is on the Internet communicating to a CMG, it will instead retrieve updates from Microsoft Updates. As long as the client can download directly from Microsoft Updates it will never download Microsoft updates from a CMG. Although, a good practice is to not deploy updates packages to a CMG that contain Microsoft Updates.

via https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/configuration-manager-blog/managing-remote-machines-with-cloud-management-gateway-in/ba-p/1233895

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Due to our firewall constraints we cant use FQDN and wild card within our split tunnel setup. so we had added the CMG to the split tunnel via static IP.  our network team don't want any CCM traffic coming over the VPN, and we are heavily reliant on VPN. I am trying to get them to upgrade the firewall but apparently its a big job. 

Off VPN it works a treat. via M$

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