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  1. The permission on system management container is setup correctly, I have check it few times now. Can I delete system management container even if we have live sccm site running
  2. Your guide show how to install new domain, our domain is already setup. I'm trying to install new SCCM server which will host all sccm role and sql 2019 Can you please point me to which issue as both warning dont explain as why it will be showing
  3. This is new standalone site which i'm trying to setup using 2203 sccm install files. doamin,dhcp,dns is already setup
  4. Hi, I'm setting up new SCCM standalone site but i keep getting this warning. error 1 The site server might be unable to publish to Active Directory. The computer account for the site server must have Full Control permissions to the System Management container in its Active Directory domain. You can ignore this warning if you have manually verified these permissions. For more information about your options to configure required permissions, see https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=233190. error 2 Support for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 ends on October 9, 2023. Plan to upgrade your site servers to a supported operating system. For more information, see https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2186091. New SCCM server has full control on "System Management container" and its Windows 2019 Std SQL and SCCM site server are running Windows 2019, everything is install on single server e.g. MP,DP,SUP
  5. It is VM, the reason i though of creating multiple drive is that if we need to move any of the service then we can do it easily For primary site I was also think of doing this cpu: 4 cour RAM 20GB Drivers: C 100GB D(sccm install) 50GB E: (database mdf/ldf/temp for sccm and wsus) 100GB H Application Source 500GB I ContentLib (sccm/WSUS) 500GB
  6. Hi, I'm building new SCCM Primary site and need some information What is our requirements we have around 2000 Device (servers 2003 to 2019 and Client Win 7 to 10 21H2), 200 Users Office is based in 4 location I just like to know what is best practice for this kind of setup I came up with this but i'm not sure if this is OK cpu: 4 cour RAM 20GB Drivers: C 100GB, D(sccm install) 50GB, E: (database mdf for sccm and wsus) 70GB F (database ldf for sccm and wsus) G (database Temp for sccm and wsus) H Application Source 500GB I ContentLib (sccm/WSUS) 500GB 3 DP 2 core cpu 8GB ram C 100GB D ContentLib 500GB Is this the best setup or i'm i missing something
  7. I build new DP and set it up for pre-stage content but packages are not mark as successfully even after i run the pre-stage command On remote DP I have copy all of the pre-stage packages and run following command for each package ExtractContent.exe /f /P:X:\Prestage\Content\xxx28.pkgx When I check the prestage log file under SMS_DP$\sms\logs\PrestageContent.log I see following messages Sent xxxx28.5 package state message to site but after few days I still see same package in progress with following message Distribution Manager is waiting for package xxx28 content to be prestaged on the distribution point ["DISPLAY=\\DP\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=xxx"]\\DP. You must manually prestage the package xxx28 on the distribution point before the content will be available. I also try following I have remove the Prestage tick from new DP but 2000 packages are still say Waiting for prestaged content Distribution Manager is waiting for package xxxxxxx content to be prestaged on the distribution point ["Display=\\xxxxxxx\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=xxx"]\\xxxxxxx. You must manually prestage the package xxxxxxx on the distribution point before the content will be available. In Progress xxxxxxx All of the packages are already on the DP - I can see them in the content library application How do I force site server to mark these packages as successful
  8. Client is upgraded no issue with upgrading the client, the only thing is that SMSCACHESIZE is not changing to 15% of the disk size. In the client.msi.log i see following message Cache Info already present. SMSCACHEDIR, SMSCACHEFLAGS would be ignored. How do I force the client to take new settings without re-installing it
  9. I'm upgraded clients using an bat script and setting the SMSCACHESIZE to 10% of the disk space. I'm running following command START /WAIT %~dp0\ccmsetup.exe /retry:2 SMSCACHESIZE=10 SMSCACHEFLAGS=PERCENTDISKSPACE FSP=FSP /UsePKICert /NoCRLCheck But SMSCACHESIZE is still same. Current SMSCACHESIZE is 2GB new size will be 10GB
  10. Hi, I use below article to create an TS to apply German Language but when I login my language was set to enlgish, Welcom screen and welcome message was in german. I can see that the language pack has been installed without any issue. Please see the unatted.xml file and also unattend.xml file from WinPE x64unattendOSD.xml
  11. I use this ts to install OS with de-De but my display language was still english, I can see that de-De language pack is installed.
  12. I will try this but from reading this it looks like yo are using MDT which i'm we not using. If I use dism.exe it works fine but I dont understand why powershell doesn't work
  13. Hi, I have TS to install Windows 10 multi language. I'm downloading the langauge packs into folder and then i'm using powershell script to install it. Install Client LP script Param ($contentPath) Set-StrictMode -Off $logFile = "C:\lang\InstallLanguagePacks.log" if(!(Test-Path $logFile)){New-Item -Path $logFile -Force} $contentPath | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append [array]$AllLPs = Get-ChildItem "$contentPath\*\LP\Microsoft-Windows-Client-Language-Pack_x64*.cab" "{0:u} | Found {1} language packs:" -f [datetime]::Now, $AllLPs.Count | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append $AllLPs.FullName | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append Foreach ($lp in $AllLPs) { "Install new LP $lp" | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append $lp.FullName | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append Add-WindowsPackage -Online -PackagePath $lp.FullName -NoRestart -Verbose 3>&1 4>&1 | ForEach-Object {"{0:u} | {1}" -f [DateTime]::Now, ($_ | Out-String) | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append } } Install Fod Script Param ($contentPath) Set-StrictMode -Off $logFile = "C:\Language\InstallLanguagePacks-FOD.log" if(!(Test-Path $logFile)){New-Item -Path $logFile -Force} Start-Sleep -Seconds 2 $installedLP = Get-WindowsPackage -Online -PackageName "*Client-languagePack*" | Where-Object {$_.PackageState -eq 'Installed' -and $_.PackageName -notmatch '~en-US~' -and $_.PackageName -notmatch '~en-GB~'} "{0:u} | Detected installed Language packs:" -f [datetime]::Now | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append ($installedLP | Select-Object CapacityID, PackageName | Out-String -Stream) | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append $FODCat = @('Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Basic-', 'Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-', 'Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-OCR-', 'Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Handwriting-', 'Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-TextToSpeech-', 'Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Speech-', 'Microsoft-Windows-InternationalFeatures-' ) $FODs =@() foreach($Item in $FODCat) { $FODs += Get-ChildItem "$contentPath\*\FOD\$Item*.cab" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty FullName } "{0:} | Reading FOd content source. Found {1} language and readion feature on demand (FOD): " -f [datetime]::Now, $FODs.Count | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append If($FODs.Count) { "",$FODs.Substring($contentPath.Length),"" | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append $FODs | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append } foreach ($fp in $FODs) { "Installing FoD $fp" | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append Add-WindowsPackage -Online -PackagePath "$($fp)" -NoRestart -PreventPending -Verbose 3>&1 4>&1 | ForEach-Object {"{0:u} | {1}" -f [DateTime]::Now, ($_ | Out-String) | Tee-Object -FilePath $logFile -Append } } I can see the language is being download and script is finding the languages but its not install it. I try to manually install it in winpe i get error message but when i try to install it in windows it works fine
  14. Hi, I have pull DP and some of the packages are failing with this massage. Package Transfer Manager failed to update the package "xxxx05", Version 1 on pull distribution point Pull.DP.COM. This pull distribution point has no sources from which it can download content. We will try again later. I have Prestage this package on the PUll DP but after 24 hours, it showing under progress with above message. In PrestageContent.log I can see following message 'Sent xxxx05 package state message to site' In MECM console under "\Monitoring\Overview\System Status\Status Message Queries\All Status Messages" I can see the site is receiving the message Is they anything else I can do to make it as successful
  15. Hi, I need an sql query to get OU list for every primary site within CAS I have following piwershell script but need sql query to do same cls $listAdContainers = (get-cmdiscoveryMethod -name ActiveDirectorySystemDiscovery -sitecode xxx).proplists | where-Object {$_.PropertyListName -eq "AD Containers"} ($listAdContainers.values -like 'ldap*')
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