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  1. Hi, We need to Migrate Bitlocker from MABAM to SCCM (Mbam integrate) but I can't seem to find information on if it will move the TPM key to SCCM or not. We are running SCCM 2002 (soon to be upgraded to 2009) MBAM server is 2.3 (We are in process of upgrading this to 2.5) We would like to integrate MBAM with SCCM but also migrate recover key + TPM key. I know recovery key will be moved but will the TPM key moved too, if not how do I move the TPM key without re-encrypting the drive.
  2. Hi, I'm using an action custom script to run a Powershell script to check for a few things before running the feature upgrade on a machine but even the machine is not compliant it still running the upgrade. for example, I have this code in preinstall.cmd/preinstall.ps1 if(-not (Test-path $path)) { write-error "Stop" exit 1 } this should stop the upgrade but its not happening. Does anyone know how I can stop the upgrade if it doesnt meet my preinstall checks
  3. Thank you for the blog. I was looking for a feature upgrade with all of the languages back which are already installed. Do you know how I can achive that
  4. Error: Imported Task Sequence Package (1): • Ignore Dependency Windows 10 LTSC x64 install language packs offline Not found instance of __ExtendedStatus { Description = "Failed to load class properties and qualifiers for class BDD_UsePackage in task sequence."; Operation = "ExecMethod"; ParameterInfo = "SMS_TaskSequence"; ProviderName = "WinMgmt"; StatusCode = 2147749890; }; To fix it follow this. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/mem/configmgr/cannot-create-mdt-task-sequence
  5. Have you done a upgrade of the machine which has mutliple language pack installed, after the upgrade all of the language should be installed again.
  6. My issue is that we have 1809 machine which we need to upgade to 1909 using feature update. Most of the machine we have has a language pack installed for a users. When we updated 1809 to 1909 these languages are missing becasue these machine dont have internet access to download the language packs. Issue is with existing machine not the freash build as our freash build is working fine.
  7. Why are you using TS to do a feature upgrade, would it not be better to do a custom action script using PostOOBE to install and configure the language pack.
  8. Will it be like, It detect the languages and then copy the languages to user machine which are only required and when feature updates is recived it will install it. One other thing we have is that we have mutliple user logging into system but each one has different language setup for example I will have english as my display language but someone on same machine will have franch
  9. Are you able to provide details on how I can do a feature update with all language packs
  10. Can you please share how you where going to do it. The way I was think was to deploy custom action scripts with all languages then apply the feature update and allow powershell script to detect and install all language pack using PostOOBE
  11. Hi, How can I install a language packs on windows 10 1909 using PowerShell offline? These machines do not have access to Microsoft stores to download the language pack online. What files are needed from the FOD? how do I find which files belong to language pack and which files are for something else? I need around 16 different languages I already download the FOD but everything is in one folder. I try to install the Client_de cab but that doesnt install all other features like, keyboard, speech We have more then 4000 machine to do this on, I will be using sccm to do this but need to make sure all of the languages and script are avaiable locally so this can be done off the network including VPN users
  12. When attempting to remote log on to a user PC via SCCM we get below message for random people. Pop up box asking for ''Alternate credentials required'' asking for user name and password. This appears when trying to log on via host name and IP address. It can occur at anytime during the day. On same machine another user will be able to remote on. All of the user have remoting permission. I can't login but someone else with same permission can. I dont know why this is happening? We can access other device and this is happening ramdomley on some device. When I check the local group "ConfigMgr Remote Control Users" on effect machine, its empty. Why is sccm is not appling any groups to "ConfigMgr Remote Control Users".
  13. If I have scureboot turn on then I cant boot up the system into PXE with USB comes up with error "An Operating System wasn't found" but if I change the scureboot to off then it works fine. I got lot of laptops to build as windows 7 and this is slow the process, Can you please let me know what I have done wrong
  14. Hi xstatic411, Where did you find DCOM configurationto fix this problem. I have same problem when connecting to WMI. Where did check for missing DCOM Protocol for TCP/IP and how did you add these
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