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  1. we have issue with pxe issue during imaging on secondary site server . steps done :- Removed MP role and reinstalled MP role Removed PXE role and reinstalled PXE role . Removed wds role and reinstalled wds role . Error details :- I am trying to image a laptop over the LAN ( PXE) . I am receiving the following error : Station IP address is Server IP Address is NBP Filename is bootx64wdsmgfw.efi NBP filesize is 0 bytes PXE-E23: Client received TFTP error from server observation :- machine getting ip address but not getting server ip address as per sms pxe log . i attached smspxe log for reference . SMSPXE.log
  2. need to enable option prefer distribution points over peers when in the same subnet into boundary group. We need to enable such option for multiple boundary groups. It would helpful if any script or other method.
  3. Dear All Need document or link related to primary site ,secondary site and cas site troubleshooting issues like site is down ,unable to connect to site .i try on google and other source but unable to find .please help.
  4. Dear All, ya i need all software installed in all machines in one report if possible .in built-in reports there option only one particular machines .i try from query if any other way if help on this.
  5. Dear all, how to check all software installed into all machine by sccm .please help on this.
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