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  1. Sorry, out longer than expected. The install still fails the same way.
  2. We are using Symantec. I just turned it off, rebooted the machine, and currently rerunning the install. But I will now be out of the office till Monday, when I get in I'll post what happened.
  3. Sorry about that. Here is the error along with the cmupdate.log CMUpdate.log
  4. Our SCCM is offline so I do my upgrade testing with a SCCM box that is online. The online box upgraded with no issues so I went ahead and tried to upgrade our offline box. I've not had a failure like this so I'm not sure how to handle this, any advice? Thanks
  5. My thing with the SCCM interface is that customers like pretty things so when they want to see patch data they want to see it in the SCCM interface.
  6. Thanks, good to know. Is there a way to force a refresh on the console?
  7. When you look at the SCCM interface it will show some machines needing certain patches. When you go to IE and run a report it does not show the same data. Any ideas on what can be causing this or how to fix this? Thanks
  8. I've linked a screen capture that deals with my question. As I was setup one of the SCCM updates I ran into a screen that had to do with Client Update Settings. The bottom selection had a senetence in it that said, "Later, you can overwrite the production package using Client Update Options in the Updates node of the Configuration Manager console." Great, except I have no idea where "Updates" node is. Where is that at?
  9. Anyweb, I wanted to thank you for you help. I used this site to learn everything I know about SCCM, so I'm glad you do this. It's helped alot.
  10. Let me also ask this, is that 43G just SCCM updates or are they are updates in there like Win 10 updates for pushing?
  11. Hi. I just followed steps 1, 2, and 3. I checked my UpdatePacks directory and it is 43.8G in size. That doesn't seem right to me. Why would it be so large?
  12. So I see these errors in my wsyncmgr.log Can these errors be the cause of my issues? Failed to sync update 09dc7113-fa44-4ca8-9d70-ec254d4d2f04. Error: The Microsoft Software License Terms have not been completely downloaded and~~cannot be accepted. Source: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.BaseApi.SoapExceptionProcessor.DeserializeAndThrow Sync failed: Failed to sync some of the updates. Source: Microsoft.SystemsManagementServer.SoftwareUpdatesManagement.WsusSyncAction.WSyncAction.SyncUpdates STATMSG: ID=6703 SEV=E LEV=M SOURCE="SMS Server" COMP="SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER" SYS=SCCM-B.project.local SITE=CM1 PID=2464 TID=5188 GMTDATE=Wed Jun 07 16:30:47.735 2017 ISTR0="Microsoft.SystemsManagementServer.SoftwareUpdatesManagement.WsusSyncAction.WSyncAction.SyncUpdates" ISTR1="Failed to sync some of the updates" ISTR2="" ISTR3="" ISTR4="" ISTR5="" ISTR6="" ISTR7="" ISTR8="" ISTR9="" NUMATTRS=0
  13. Here's a quick question, can a network have 2 primary stand alone SCCM servers in it?
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