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  1. the smsts.log1.txt is the log file before I changed the HTTP to HTTPS Please remember, I am using my TS with UDI designer. My TS did works successful with the SCCM 2207, after upgrade to 2403 does not work anymore smsts.log1.txt the smsts24052024.log.txt is the log file after I changed from HTTP to HTTPS. After changing the HTTP to HTTPS I have created again a new MDT TS and new MDT Toolkit Package and run my TS, gain the same error message. smsts24052024.log.txt
  2. But I have still the issue wit TS if I run my TS with MDT here if I try to install my Windows with TS UDI designer After downloading, it is crashed
  3. I have checked on the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\XmlStorage\Extensions\Forms and change the HTTP to HTTPS, it seems to work and you can create a TS with MDT <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <SmsFormData FormatVersion="1.0" xmlns="https://schemas.microsoft.com/SystemsManagementServer/2005/03/ConsoleFramework"> <Form Id="{ef095b1c-2087-4369-bf8a-57986ba313c9}" CustomData="SCCM_CreateBootImage" FormType="CustomDialog" > <Assembly Name="Microsoft.BDD.CM12Actions.dll" Namespace="Microsoft.BDD.Actions" ClassType="WizardDispatch" /> </Form> </SmsFormData> try it, it works. But I am really not sure if the changing has any effected on the whole SCCM server settings or options
  4. Hi, did you see that Link? https://www.deploymentresearch.com/fixing-vbscript-support-in-windows-adk-sep-2023-update-build-25398/ I am not sure if that is the solution
  5. Hi, Please be sure that my Console does work fine, ONLY if I run by Task Sequence--->Create MDT Task Sequence, then the Console crashed I have the following .Net Version If Try to install the .Net 4.8, getting the message I checked the REG KEY Can I install the .Net 4.8 without any issue for SCCM server? I mean without any effect?
  6. I have uninstalled the MDT and installed again and add to configured Configuration Integration, still the same issue
  7. Hi, Since I upgraded my SCCM to the version 2403, I cannot use any more MDT and UDI. I cannot create a new MDT Task Sequence and all my created MDT Package for UDI does not work too. I could to use UDI for Task sequence in my previous SCCM 2207 and could install Windows with UDI, but since SCCM 2403, I get every time by the step "Use Toolkit Package" the error Task Sequence has failed with the error code 0x00000001 in the task sequence step 'Use Toolkit Package. And I try to create a MDT TS, getting the Error And the Console is away Is it not more supported MDT and UDI by SCCM 2403?
  8. Hi I created a Runbook to add AD User to the domain.It is working fine Now I want to add that created AD user on The Exchange Server with „enable Mailbox“ on the "Identity" , I selected "User Principal Name", After Running The runbook, it created a AD user, but Cannot enable The AD user on The Exchange server Get error Error(s) executing PowerShell command: System.Management.Automation.RemoteException: Property expression "dchor" isn't valid. Valid values are: Strings that includes '@', where '@' cannot be the last character. Inner exception: . Command info: Command name: Enable-Mailbox. Parameters: [Confirm:False]
  9. every our client machine has that directory per default installation. As I say dont understand what you say with do the same with program/application. If I deploy with SCCM a application. the content are on the sccm server and should be on the network share. So, if I deploy my VS with SCCM per default, it will download 50 GB on ccmcache. As I wrote, I will prevent it and using the content of D:\VS But I am not sure, HOW? do you have a example for me? Thanks for help
  10. HI, I want to deploy my Visual Studio 2019 (50 GB large) to the client machine and dont want to download it into CCMCACHE on the client machine first. As you know the Software Center download first the files into CCMCACHE, after downloding beginn to install the Application. But I have my Visual Studio Files on the local machine D:\VS Is there anyway to use D:\VS as Source path in my deployment Type? The Reason is that I dont want to download 50 GB on the client machine (CCMCACHE), the SCCM should use the local Files D:\VS to install the Visual Studio without download any files. The Client machine has no internet access
  11. Hi, We have a Policy Hardware option in our Company. The hard drive has two Partitions C:\ drive is for OS and D:\ drive for data. If I create with SCCM a Bitlocker Policy I can select protector for OS drive "TPM and PIN" or "TPM only" By selecting "TPM and PIN" the Bitlocker ask by every booting the PIN. Is there any option to define a policy that the C:\ drive to encrypt with "TPM only" and D:\ with "TPM and PIN"? Regards
  12. Hi, I have created a Bitlocker Policy and deployed to a device collection. Everything is OK. but on the client it show me "Non-Complaint", I have checked the both Log file on the client, no error nad on the event viewer MBAM also no error. Only if click view Report I see there Non-Complaint with warning If I run MBAM client manually I can go on and it works and I can see the Password and KEY on the SQL Server. And then I see on the client it is complaint. Any Idea why? Regards
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