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  1. Hi, We have a Policy Hardware option in our Company. The hard drive has two Partitions C:\ drive is for OS and D:\ drive for data. If I create with SCCM a Bitlocker Policy I can select protector for OS drive "TPM and PIN" or "TPM only" By selecting "TPM and PIN" the Bitlocker ask by every booting the PIN. Is there any option to define a policy that the C:\ drive to encrypt with "TPM only" and D:\ with "TPM and PIN"? Regards
  2. Hi, I have created a Bitlocker Policy and deployed to a device collection. Everything is OK. but on the client it show me "Non-Complaint", I have checked the both Log file on the client, no error nad on the event viewer MBAM also no error. Only if click view Report I see there Non-Complaint with warning If I run MBAM client manually I can go on and it works and I can see the Password and KEY on the SQL Server. And then I see on the client it is complaint. Any Idea why? Regards
  3. Hi, 1) your Reporter Service should run, it means you have to access http://yourserver/Reporterserver or https://yourserver/Reporterserver See here your SQL Reporter 2) Your Reporter Point service on the SCCM should have a user with sysadmin right on the SQL server
  4. Hi, Can I manage the Bitlocker PIN by MBAM Portal or SCCM? I mean if the client computer has Bitlocker with PIN and I deploy Windows uodate and the user is not available, after reboot you have to enter the Bitlocker PIN. Can I enter the PIN remotly? Is there anyway to do that with MBAM Portal or other Tool?
  5. Hi, Is there anyway to get the PIN what the user have given on the Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring? How can I find it? Or it is not possible? Regards
  6. Hi, I have change the sccm server and all MP Wsus and client client, but I have find out that that on the client machine if I run "configuration Manager", and go to Configuartion, is frozen. Can you tell me why is frozen the Configuratio? I follow exact your guide for PKI (part on and two) And if got to windows update and run "Check for Update", I got always error message. I am not maybe because on GPO I have pushed for client install, http://sccm.local. Is that the reason? You mean I can create a cert for IIS server and put it for Binding HTTPS on "Default web site".? What is with WSUS server and MP and DP? Can I use MP, DP , WSUS with HTTP? What is with "Trust Root Certification Authories" Should I put there my "ROOT CA" Could you tell me please why The Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring does not appear.? Or I cannot see any KEY on SQL Server? Is the reason the IIS HTTPS? Regards
  7. I have created a policy for Bitlocker Management for SCCM 2002 and deploy it successfully. I have deploy the portal too and it works too. Now if I deploy my Bitlocker policy to a client, the client does get the policy and MBAM agent is installed.But The Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring does not appear. But I can start is manually If I run now the proccess, it works but I cannot see any KEY under SQL server. After some research I saw in eventlog on the client-->MBAM-->Admin The following warning: Unable to connect to the MBAM Recovery and Hardware service. I have to mention that I dont use any PKI for the client On the client machine you cansee, it is still Non-Complaint As I know on the SCCM 2002 you dont need to have a PKI on the client. Any Idea? Regards
  8. I have to mention that I have created a new Report database named "Reports" You can see on the Reporting service point is the database called "CM_??" I am not sure, should change it to "Reports"? Is that the reason?
  9. I have Reporting service point installed my command line .\MBAMWebSiteInstaller.ps1 -SqlServerName sccm.adamix.com -SqlDatabaseName CM_DIG -ReportWebServiceUrl "http://sccm/ReportServer" -HelpdeskUsersGroupName "adamix.com\MBAM_HD" -HelpdeskAdminsGroupName "adamix.com\MBAM_HD_Adv" -MbamReportUsersGroupName "adamix.com\MBAM_HD_Report" -SiteInstall Both
  10. Hi, If I run the following script on the SCCM server, I get always the error message: Get-ReportServiceUri : Unable to find BitLocker Management reports on report service at http://sccm/ReportServer At F:\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64\MBAMWebSiteInstaller.ps1:1285 char:34 + ... $reportUriPart = Get-ReportServiceUri $ReportWebServiceUrl + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorException,Get-ReportServiceUri Have I forget to install something or what is here wrong? Regards
  11. Hi, I have a SCCM 2002 and Bitlocker Management. I have created a Policy and deploy it to a collection. On the Client machine I see the Policy and MBAM Agent is installed too. But the Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring does not popup. Any Idea why?
  12. Hi, I have a SCCM 1906 server and I want to deploy a Toast Notification to the Client machine. The Script works fine and I can deploy it. On some Client machine it does display the Toast Notification and some machine does not display. After some search on client machine, I did see that "Software Center" does not appear on the " Notifications $ actions settings applet" in windows 10. If I run the Command C:\Windows\CCM>SCToastNotification.exe “Hello” “Dummy”, it is displaying the Notification ONLY if the "Software Center" is displaying on the " Notifications $ actions settings applet" Any Idea? Best regards Keywan
  13. Hi, I have SCCM 1606 version 5.00.8412.1205 and I know the new KB3186654 and KB3192616 is now available. But I cannot see these on the "Updates and Servicing". I checked the "dmpdownloader.log" but I can see that it tried to connect to manage.microsoft.com. The SCCM Component SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER is some time critical and some time warning. How can I resolve that? Best regards
  14. Hi Guy, I have a issue with SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER Component, that Component is "offline" and I see on the dmpdownloader.log the following error message: ERROR: ERROR: Exception occured while calling REST UserAuth Location service System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: Expecting element 'root' from namespace ''.. Encountered 'None' with name '', namespace ''. ~~ at System.Runtime.Serialization.Json.DataContractJsonSerializer.InternalReadObject(XmlReaderDelegator xmlReader, Boolean verifyObjectName)~~ at System.Runtime.Serialization.XmlObjectSerializer.ReadObjectHandleExceptions(XmlReaderDelegator reader, Boolean verifyObjectName, DataContractResolver dataContractResolver)~~ at System.Runtime.Serialization.Json.DataContractJsonSerializer.ReadObject(XmlDictionaryReader reader)~~ at Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.DmpConnector.Connector.SccmProxyGenerator.GetRestUserAuthLocationServiceResponse()~~ at Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.DmpConnector.Connector.SccmProxyGenerator.GetServiceAddresses() Any Idea? Regards Keywan
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