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  1. Thanks very much for the replies. What is the support of clients for each DP? Roughly 4000 clients?
  2. One Primary at our central location and 2 DP's at the North and South locations? How will that be on bandwidth? Do the DP's need to point back to the Primary? Install the MP, SUP on the DP's?
  3. Hello bare with me as I try to explain a proposed network structure for SCCM 2012. I'm looking to see if what I'm proposing is correct, overkill or needs to be changed. For the State of New Jersey Currently we have just a primary server in our centralized location (middle of the state). We are looking to push sccm out to all of our divisions across the entire state. We have a northern and southern LATA where we plan on putting sccm servers. my thoughts: Redo create our central location with a CAS and have a Primary Site and DP coming off the CAS. Northern LATA Primary with 2 DP's. Southern LATA Primary with 2 DP's. Do the North and South primary both point back to the CAS or would they be on their own? Ultimately I'd like to show this as a flow chart of some sorts. Thanks and sorry if I missed anything or it's confusing.
  4. Hello all!ConfigMgrPrereq.log I've done quite a bit of searches here and elsewhere on the net. I didn't realize I could go straight to 1702 and was upgrading from 1602 to 1602 hotfix and then the other hotfix. The first one got stuck at "installing"...that was a space issue. I now have 200gb of free space on the drive. Currently my problem is it's hanging at "Checking Prereq...". I've checked our antivirus (McAfee) and firewall rules...it's on a local domain so there are no firewalls blocking anything (or shouldn't be); however I checked with our WAN unit to make sure and all is good. I've restarted WMI, SMSEXEC services, removed Management Point and re-added, rebooted the server multiple times. I'll add some logs to my post. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! CcmEval.log CcmExec.log CMUpdate.log dmpuploader.log
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