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  1. GarthMJ, that WSUS is not my area, it's SysAdmin. I see them with a pen drive with update patches that put inside to update all other servers and workstations... I'm DBA and we need to change SQL Server VM with our instances. For example, one instance for that WSUS with SUSDB database and other instance for SCCM instance with also SUSDB database. I want to optimize that environment. I see 2 SUSDB... Different instances, but why? Why not just one? That's the idea Thanks
  2. First question: Pen drive Second question: I want to use SCCM services but I want to just update one WSUS
  3. Thanks GarthMJ, The only problem if manage 2 WSUS services on the same domain... So, for you, what is the best approach? My domain isn't connected to the internet. Forget that WSUS Server and install all updates clients from SCCM Server (WSUS inside)? Maintain that WSUS Server and add SCCM Server as a client for updates? Updates both Server from internet? Thanks
  4. The idea is having just one WSUS on the same domain Thanks
  5. Thanks GarthMJ for your answer. If we want a clean installation for SCCM, I agree with you, but for SysAdmin point of view they will need do update 2 WSUS instances, the WSUS Server and SCCM Server with WSUS service included inside. The database in this both option will be always SQL Server. So, GarthMJ what will be the issues if I just install WSUS feature in SCCM Server and then, on WSUS configuration, connect to that same SUSDB database already installed for WSUS server? Thanks
  6. I know how to do it. anyweb I'll check you manuals, thanks My question remains, what is the best approach? Internal WSUS or uses that WSUS Server? Thanks
  7. Dear allI want a full installation manual in a Windows Server 2016 (SCCM Server) with SQL Server 2016 (SQL Server).Already install SCCM Instance in a SQL Server 2016 (SQL Server). Just need the SCCM Server with prerequisites included.I realize that SCCM installation requires a WSUS installation. I already have a WSUS Server installation VM, can I use that one?Thanks
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