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  1. Hi All, I am hoping someone can help. my SCCM knowledge is not very advanced still learning. The company SCCM expert left the company he was in the middle of providing a DP to an outside company to use as a PXE DP ( to build new desktops before being delivered.) He set it all up but it never worked, now its fallen in my hands to get it up and running. When the desktops try to pxe boot it fails. The pxe logs display these errors "Unsuccessful in getting MP key information. 80072ee2." PXE::MP_initializeTransport failed;0x80072ee2 PXE::MP_Lookupdevice faile; 0x80070490 Not in SSL Socket ' connect' failed 8007274c sending with winhttp failed 80072ee2 I tried the browser MP tests and both mplist and mpcert failed. I can ping the MP. windows firewall has been disabled. DP has been added to the boundary as subnet ID. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks C
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