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Found 12 results

  1. For some reason this month I'm getting this error message when I try to distribute a newly created update package to our three DPs (one local, two remote). The DPs all have 200gb+ of storage free, so space is not an issue. The CM Primary machine account has full control on the shares and the source directory. I wiped the deployment and the package, re-downloaded the updates from the update group and created a new package. The package creates fine, but then fails to distribute content to the DPs. If it were a disk issue - either a failing drive or space - I would think it would only be one of
  2. Hello - I am in need of a little help, I have packages that are stuck in progress and will not complete. If I check the content status all I get is details will be available after the server finishes processing the messages. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  3. Running SCCM 2012 R2SP1 on WS2008R2. I have one Primary Site that is a Management Point and Distribution Point etc. All SMS and ContentLibrary folders were deleted from the hard drive. The DP and MP were removed in the Console. Then both readded. I went to distribute a task sequence so all files used would start rolling out to the DP and I'm getting no action there. Nothing is Distributing but all packages say In Progress. The only logs that have updated at all are SMSProv, SMSExec, TaskSequenceProvider. Distmgr hasn't changed for a day. Any ideas why this might not be rolling out?
  4. Hi All, Has anyone ever written a script or report to pull out packages and applications which are not distributed to any DPs? We are wanting to do some cleaning up of our source folder... Thanks John
  5. Hello all, I am having a few issues deploying my OS image to a Distribution point. All other packages deploy ok, but the OS keeps failing. I have tried using the console and also tried the Prestage process to import the OS. For the Prestage process I have used the following commands: ExtractContent.exe/F /P:D:\pkgx\OperatingSystem.pkgx The PrestangeContent.log error gives me: ============ Content meta data end ===================== PrestageContent 10/11/2014 12:32:06 1248 (0x04E0) Content library contains higher version of content LDN00021.4 than what is in the prest
  6. I get the error below when trying to update the package on the DPs. The servers have enough disk space, there are no users trying to get to that dir (xxx0015c), and the name is under 128 chars. I have beaten my head against a wall for too long trying to figure this issue out. This happens with another package that i have too, so this isn't the only one. any ideas SMS Distribution Manager failed to copy package "xxx0015C" from "D:\Shared\source\SAPOfficePlugin\" to "MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=xxx"]\\xxxFS\SMSPKGD$\xxx0015C\". Possible cause: SMS Distribution Manager does not have suff
  7. Hi There, I am in the middle of a OS refresh of our estate (XP to Windows 7) and many of the sites are running 20+ machines on slow links (20mb or less) and the OS refresh must be ran outside of hours We have a very tight timescale for the OS refresh so i would like to create a protected distribution point that can be taken to these slow sides and run upgrades locally rather than pulling down the wim 20+times over a slow link. Unfortunately i only have desktop PC's i5 4GB memory at the moment to use for the DP's and plan on once the OS refresh is completed at a site, remove this D
  8. I created a new server specifically for OSD. I have sccm 2007 console configured to make this server a standard distribution point with multicast enabled. Wim packages are able to be updated to it. The primary server, sccm_admin and sccm_read accounts all have permissions to administrators, sms_sitetositeconnection, and sms_sitesystemtositeserverconnection groups. When a client tries to run the task sequence it errors out at the resolving dependencies. The smsts log doesn't show anything. I attached the log. I can only assume that I missed some setting when I setup the server. Any guide t
  9. Please help. The error I am receiving is "the task sequence cannot be run because the program files cannot be located on a distribution point" I know there has been other topics concerning this issue. But I've tried a lot of those suggestions. I am booting a virtual machine with an iso instead of PXE booting. I am still in the testing phases of this (obviously). The ID it is pointing to is the configuration manager upgrade. However with that said If I were to delete the current package, rebuild it, distribute and deploy it, the next time I try to run the TS it will point to a differen
  10. Hello, I am migrating my sccm environment from 2007 to 2010 SP1 and I have a problem with distribution points. The migration went fine (I migrated the packages, collections, updated the distribution points : some of them still use windows Server 2003) I was able to distribute contents for applications and i migrated some packages to the new application model with package conversion manager. I had to remove some "content locations" for some packages then I had to add them again. But the content distribution is still "in progress" (Message: "Content transfer was instructed to send
  11. Hi everybody, Since I'm new on this forum I might as well take the time to introduce myself properly. I'm 24 years old, and work as a system administrator for the local government of a small muncipality in the Netherlands. We have recently decided to migrate all Windows XP machines to new Windows 7 machines, and also decided it was time to part with our current means of distributing OS's and software among clients, which basically consisted entirely of installing "one client", sysprepping it for "new" distribution, imaging it with storage applications like Acronis True Image, and d
  12. Hi, firstly I'd like to say that this a great forum with hundreds of useful posts. Up to now I've just been a spectator as most of the answers to my questions have been answered already. My question is regarding BITS. I have a small SCCM installation with a Single Primary Site, separate SQL server and two secondary site servers with distribution points. I have noticed that when adding new packages to the infrastructure, that it seems to take quite a long time before they are copied to the DPs. I checked on the Primary site server and I can see a temp folder with the files that increase
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