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  1. Did you ever get anywhere with this? I'm in the exact same spot of trouble
  2. Running SCCM 2012 R2SP1 on WS2008R2. I have one Primary Site that is a Management Point and Distribution Point etc. All SMS and ContentLibrary folders were deleted from the hard drive. The DP and MP were removed in the Console. Then both readded. I went to distribute a task sequence so all files used would start rolling out to the DP and I'm getting no action there. Nothing is Distributing but all packages say In Progress. The only logs that have updated at all are SMSProv, SMSExec, TaskSequenceProvider. Distmgr hasn't changed for a day. Any ideas why this might not be rolling out?
  3. Did you ever figure this out? I'm stuck in the same situation. Pressing Shift F10 does no open a command prompt.
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