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Found 8 results

  1. team, I have Offices spread about the world with DPs at each of them. I'm cooking with Config Man CB 1702, Single site. 14 internal DPs and 1 internet facing DP. Shiny. Albeit Drivers, Packages or Applications; not every site (office) requires all content I have to offer. I have a single OSD TS I'd like to use, but I cannot afford distributing every package to every DP around the globe. e.g. a site sporting only laptops does not need to have all desktop drivers on their DP. The problem and question is: How do I keep the TS from failing it's dependency check when a laptop only site UEFI PXE boots to run this single OSD TS and cannot find a package on it's DP; for this example the Desktop driver Packages? In advance, thank you kindly
  2. O.P. Hey Guys, This is oneof those very long stories which might take me several posts to try and explain in detail. Essentially what my issue is: On boot press F12 to PXE boot IP4 Lan Card. WDS is detected and loads the Pre-Installation environment. I see Task Sequences which have been setup and configured. I created a TaskSequence with Win 10 Pro 64bit with Adobe Package installed. When I click on Win 10 Pro Media Task Sequence it tries to tun for a second. Then it fails and gives me the following error. Error Message: Failed To Run Task Sequence: The Task Sequence failed to run because the program files for PPP000099 cannot be located on a distribution point. For more information please contact your system Administrator or Helpdesk Operator. End of Error message: So I am the poor Administrator trying to grapple my way around SCCM and the finer points of smoothing over ruffled feathers. I have been trying to find a fix for this for the past few days without much success. What I really need is a way to get a Step by Step on how I can resolve this frustrating problem. I understand it's a tall order but a guide would be nice. Okay, so I can see under Task Sequences for "Win10 Pro Media" there is a Distribute content button. WhenI check my Software Deployments for this Operating System Image I can see it's failing to distribute this package. It says there is not enough space or permissions are wrong. I have checked Folder path and directory permissions for SCCMAAA user has complete Administrator permissions. Also I have freed up around 30Gb on E drive with Image Captures on it. But I keep getting this error...with the Distribution Point Image failing to Redistribute. I have tried to look for the SMSTS.log file but I can't locate it, where it's suppose to be. Please Help....
  3. I setup about 10 distribution new points that I cloned the content from the old dp and 4 of them have a content status of "distribution manager is waiting for package content to be prestaged". So I verified that the pkgx file is extracted to the new server by manually trying and it told me that the content was already present. On the monitoring node in SCCM it is still reporting as waiting for content to be prestaged. So I manually prestaged and extracted 1 pkgx file/application on one of the DP's and then it reported back successful that the content is there now. Is there a command or something similar I can do on the troublesome DP's that will send the content status to the main SCCM server so that it knows that the content is in fact on the DP? We have 100's off applications and I cant 1 by 1 manually extract all of these for each DP and we don't want to have traffic over the WAN. I have enabled the distribution point for prestaged content before the initial prestage/extraction so I don't think that is the issue. Somehow I think its not reporting back the actual content status. Thank you for any help you may have.
  4. Dear, I've created a new security rol in SCCM 2012 R2 for our Servicedesk. They are able to view and add Resources to a collection and redistribute content to their DP's. But the option: Update Distribution Points on a Package is not available for this role, and i can't find the right permission to enable this option. I want that our servicedesk is able to update the package on the DP's. Does anyone know which permission you need to enable for this options? There's a topic on this forum about the same issue and the answer was: permission Distribute on de Package Class, but this permission isn't available in SCCM 2012 R2. Thanks in advanced. With kind regards, Mitchel
  5. Hi There, I am in the middle of a OS refresh of our estate (XP to Windows 7) and many of the sites are running 20+ machines on slow links (20mb or less) and the OS refresh must be ran outside of hours We have a very tight timescale for the OS refresh so i would like to create a protected distribution point that can be taken to these slow sides and run upgrades locally rather than pulling down the wim 20+times over a slow link. Unfortunately i only have desktop PC's i5 4GB memory at the moment to use for the DP's and plan on once the OS refresh is completed at a site, remove this DP and take it to the next site. I would like to know if i can just use Windows 7 and set this as a protected branch distribution point or if i would be best to install Server 2008 and set it up as a full DP with PXE support? The important aspect is being able to move the protected DP between sites (reassigning the protected boundary each time) SCCM 2007 SP2 R3, 1 primary site server, no secondary sites and a couple of main DP's in main sites. Thanks
  6. Complex to me, anyway. We've got two DPGs set up. DPG1 contains all of our existing DPs. It has all software assigned to it. A large portion is set as High Priority packages (don't ask... this is a client and something to fix). Many packages appear to still be replicating. DPG2 is new. We're replacing some of the existing DPs with new hardware/Server 2012. We have only the software we feel is mandatory at each site set to replicate to this DPG. New DPs are not part of DPG1 - only DPG2. We also have bandwidth throttling going on from our Primary Site (where we create all packages) to each other site. We have the DP where we create packages set to 7 outbound connections at a time. I know that packages replicate according to priority. I also know just one package is sent from the central DP to the branch office DPs when bandwidth throttling is turned on. My question/confusion is when will the new DPs in the new DPG start getting software? Does the replication that needs to complete for the DPs in DPG1 need to happen before the new DPs in DPG2 will get anything pushed to them? Is there a way to stop the replication of specific packages in DPG1 if they have not completed?
  7. In our organization, at the moment we have one primary site, two secondary sites and 8 distribution points (these 8 dist. points are for 8 sites other than the 3 primary&seconday sites). Due to the chatter and bandwidth limitations 8 distribution sites are not the most feasible set up any longer. My question is, that is it possible to "convert" the 8 distribution ponits to secondary sites without deleting the distribution points completely and commisioning the sites from ground up? and if it is possible to do so, is this "coverting" or "turning" a dist. point to a Sec Site recommended? What is the best practice/ideal solution? Thanks
  8. Everyone, I want to give you all an insite as to my current setup, and let me know what you think I should do if anything to optimize Performance of my SCCM 2012 sp1 environment: I manage a public school district, containing around 1,800 computers and have one SCCM that handles everything at this point. All roles on this server as as follows: application catalog web service point application catalog website point component server distribution point endpoing protection point management point reporting services point site database server site server site system state migration point In my physical LAN, all of our external campuses connect back to our High School (where the above main server is located) through a 50mb up/down internet service fiber link. I have the following sites/boundaries: High School (main/only current SCCM Server) Junior High : i have a server here running this site's DC, can spin up a virtual distribution point if necessary/recommended Central Elementary : i have a server here running this site's DC, can spin up a virtual distribution point if necessary/recommended Eastside Elementary Kindergarten : i have a server here running this site's DC, can spin up a virtual distribution point if necessary/recommended Walker Pre-K Facility : i have a server here running this site's DC, can spin up a virtual distribution point if necessary/recommended..this site is a bit different, because of distance there is no dedicated high speed fiber internet service to this site. They have a 10mb download / 2mb upload ISP only. I believe they will desperately need a DP. thoughts? Currently, all of these sites are running back to our main DP/MP sccm server at the High School for everything SCCM. The sccm server itself is a dedicated Dell Poweredge R15 with dual quad-core i7 processors and 24gb of RAM. I believe it has plenty of fire-power to handle it's roles, for I watch system resources and we hardly take a hit even at high capacity. (Thoughts on this setup?) I have a Lenovo M92P workstation at each of our sites (listed above) with 8gb of RAM and 2TB of storage running server 2012. The only server running on these now are local DC and DHCP/DNS on 1 virtual server. I am thinking of spinning up another server on each box to act as the site's/boundarie's distrubution points, as well as whatever server roles you think will help for each site to take the load off of the LAN and high school main server. I will mainly be using SCCM for imaging/software distrubution/remote control of our clients. I am open to any and all suggestions from you seasoned pros, for I am new to the setting up / maintenance of SCCM, but have come from a corporation that had hundreds of site servers/BDPs/etc running SMS 2003/SCCM 2007 and so I know my way around it after the fact, but have had a BLAST setting this environment up from the ground up with help of forums such as these. If anyone has the time to point me in the right direction on a few of these items, I would be forever grateful and appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you very much!
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