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  1. That is true what anyweb said. I installed CU2 and updated all the clients with the latest version. Deployed the client package to all systems and all my clients are 7958.1303. I even did the same for sccm console as well. It did work.
  2. I just created a package for IE 11 Create New Package - Standard Package - IE11-Windows6.1-x64-en-us.exe /quiet /norestart and deployed to a test collection in the lab and monitored execmgr.log for exit code. The package installed successfully. Restarted the system and IE 11 is working fine. Will check software updates from console for production deployment. Thanks
  3. I have been given the task to create a package and deploy IE 11 in silent mode with all the pre req that are needed for I E 11 for Win 7 x 64 workstations. Not sure how to go about. Appreciate any guidance from the forum will be of great help. The I E 11 package should be availble in software center for install at users discretion with a deadline of 4 days to complete the install. Infra: SCCM 2012 R2 (running on Server 2012 R2) Primary Site Thanks Ra,
  4. Sorry kubie for delayed response. Instead of using MSI - check this link - I tried and the installed worked out fine. http://myitforum.com/myitforumwp/2014/06/19/using-configmgr-2012-application-model-to-install-cmtrace-file-version/
  5. FR Exist between Pri and Sec (open for all days with no limit). Checked FR status from this link - http://eskonr.com/tag/sccm-2012-file-replication/ (just as an example).
  6. Can you share how you deployed application (CMTrace)? I have been wondering for a while on how to deploy this to all Win 7 systems. Did you create an application and deployed to all system collection or did you create a package?
  7. I can ping DP from Pri and Sec. No issue.
  8. Hi, My home lab consist of 1 PRI 1 SEC and 1DP. Primary and Secondary are on Server 2012 R2 while DP is on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. There were no issue with DP till 22nd May. All of a sudden from 23rd May, I am getting following error. None of the package are getting distributed to DP. Unable to find the root cause of the issue. Appreciate, if you guys can take a look and help me. Found send request with ID: 39, Package: CAN00024, Version:1, Priority: 2, Destination: ITRSEVEN.INFOTECHRAM.COM, DPPriority: 200 SMS_PACKAGE_TRANSFER_MANAGER 25-May-14 8:41:34 AM 13088 (0x3320) There is no address found for the destination server ITRSEVEN.INFOTECHRAM.COM SMS_PACKAGE_TRANSFER_MANAGER 25-May-14 8:41:34 AM 13088 (0x3320) Abandoning send request because address is not available at this time. Will try in 30 mins. SMS_PACKAGE_TRANSFER_MANAGER 25-May-14 8:41:34 AM 13088 (0x3320) Above error keeps repeating every 20 minutes and the package is still in progress (for almost 48 hours). Above log is from PkgXferMgr.Log. If you need any other log to check let me know. Thanks Ram
  9. I am also looking for a way to deploy to various win 7 x64 machines. i am getting Did not detect deployment type. I did select script for deployment type and copied above commands for installation - yet unable to get the application installed. Can you share the batch files for reference mr NEM..... Edit - Found a way to install CMTrace to all Win 7 workstation - This is what, I did 1. Downloaded and Installed EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise 2. Created MSI package from CMTrace.exe 3. Created new applilcation as Windows Installer (MSI) 4. Deployed to Win 7 Collection 5. Tested - Worked out well If any one need a copy of CMTrace MSI let me know - I will upload to a file sharing site and share the link here.
  10. Have you set up publishing server for app-v to work on client machine? For some reason, I am unable to deploy virtual app-v to client (Win 7 x64). All prereq are installed but the virtual app does not show up in application catalog or software center. When i run get-appvpublishingserver - don't get any result. Not sure how to configure App-v Virtual Environment within SCCM 2012 R2.
  11. All applications assigned to the user will show up in RAP - User will select each applications and click run to complete the install process. The entire isntall is SILENT. What logs do i need to look for? Please note the applications do show up in RAP after a delay of 15 minutes. I want the applications to show up immediately upon user login.
  12. Hi - Our setup is SCCM 2007 R2. We are in the process of upgrading over 20000 computers to Win 7. The project is going on smoothly. We are one issue with the deployment process. Explained below: The image deployment goes smoothly. After that we have over 2500 application advertised through RAP for various users based on their OU. All the apps through SCCM are working fine - unfortunately the issue is applications takes a while to show up in RAP (Run advertised Program). Sometime it takes over 15 minutes to show up. Is their any configuration change that, I can make on the Server or Client side to get the apps show up in RAP immediately. I tried Machine and User Policy from RAP. No luck. Appreciate your help. Ram
  13. Still waiting for your post - 2 weeks past yet nothing.
  14. Thanks for the link. Will carry out this exercise during this weekend.
  15. Hello, I am running CM2012 SP1 CU1. I also have a full App-V 5 infrastructure (Management, Publishing, Database server on a single machine) + Win 8 Entp as Sequencer + Win 7 Ult as client. I was able to create app-v package, publish and download the package on client machine (win 7). Everything is working fine. I want to deploy App-V 5.0 Client to all system within the lab (few win 7, 2008, 2012 and win 8). I would like to create an application package for App-V 5.0 client install within CM2012 using MSI. Don't know how to do. I also want to try creating application package for App-V 5.0 client install using setup.exe (appv_client_setup.exe). How to do is the question? Appreciate your help. Ram
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