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  1. This is a known bug. We decided to set up a transparent proxy and remove the proxy configuration in MECM.
  2. Gents, We are currently facing Sync issues between our site server and our 2 SUPs (separated servers). After some investigation we noticed that the site server wants to tell one of our SUP to start a synchronization but nothing is happening on the SUP side because of an access denied when the site server wants to connect to the SUP on port 8531. This error does not happen all the time ... The system wide proxy is configured to bypass the local range where the site server and the SUPs are located. We already cleaned up our WSUS. I think I have similar issue in WCM.log : Do you have an idea ?
  3. You can also use this script to copy drivers from a boot images to another one (even if you cannot see anymore the drivers tab)
  4. Hello, Did you look for those logs ? : - ContentTransferManager.log - DatatransferService.log - CAS.log
  5. Hello, Does anyone already faced this issue ? The user discovery method did discover new users in OUs but is not able to process the message to add them in DB:
  6. For me [WHERE Model NOT LIKE] is not a correct syntax. [WHERE NOT (Model LIKE "%Latitude 5520%") ] should work ... I tested it in my environment and it's working. Copy paste issue ? Try to type it ...
  7. BUG in SCCM 1810 since minor version 1024.

    Symptom : SCCM clients are not able to find any compatible HTTPS MP whereas there is no communication problem with HTTP MPs.
    Impact : All SCCM client since version 5.0.8740.1024 .
    Root cause :  "CCMUtilLib.dll" is not working as expected so the SCCM client is not able to verify that the client certificate is well issued from your PKI.

    Solution : Wait the SCCM 1902 release where the DLL is fixed :D

  8. We (Microsoft's support and me) finally found the root cause. It's a bug in CCMUtilLib.dll This bug is fixed in the future SCCM 1902 release (agent version : 5.00. 8778.1000).
  9. I have some input to give you about this issue : I've noticed that in the ClientIDManagerStartup.log it's says : I opened a case at Microsoft ... Waiting for the next. [Update : 12/03/2019] : Microsoft's lvl 3 support is still looking for a solution
  10. Hello, We just installed the hotfix for SCCM 1810 (KB4486457). This hotfix implies a new version of the SCCM agent (5.00.8740.1024). We configured SCCM to deploy automatically this agents on workstations and servers but we are experiencing the following issue (ccmsetup.log) : I managed to install the client by using the ccmsetup.exe with the following parameters : SMSSITECODE=LOL SMSMP=HTTPS://SCCM-SUPMPDP2.DOMAIN.COM DNSSUFFIX=DOMAIN.COM CCMFIRSTCERT=1 CCMCERTSTORE=MY But the SCCM client is not able to find its management point. Actually it finds both MP but considers they are not "Compatible" Do you have an idea ?
  11. Ty Phil2Pint, can you give me more info because I see on differents forum that you cannot specify directly some registry key in certain conditions ...
  12. Gents, Does somebody know if it's possible to use HTTPS with BranchCache in a SCCM context to retrieve content from neighbor workstations ? I think this can lead to unexpected issue if we previously configured BrancheCache through client settings ... Any idea ?
  13. Gents, I would like to know if it is possible to create a new DP and put the content library on a network share ... From my point of view it should work if we map the network share as a drive, but I cannot find the info on the Internet and I also would like to know if this setup would be supported. The shared folder's physical location would be on a NAS. BR, Sypa
  14. Hello, Did you try to press F8 before it reboots ? You will have the log file (smsts.log) in C:\windows\temp. You can also try to create a boot media and put it on a USB key ...
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