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  1. You can also use this script to copy drivers from a boot images to another one (even if you cannot see anymore the drivers tab)
  2. Hello, Did you look for those logs ? : - ContentTransferManager.log - DatatransferService.log - CAS.log
  3. Hello, Does anyone already faced this issue ? The user discovery method did discover new users in OUs but is not able to process the message to add them in DB:
  4. For me [WHERE Model NOT LIKE] is not a correct syntax. [WHERE NOT (Model LIKE "%Latitude 5520%") ] should work ... I tested it in my environment and it's working. Copy paste issue ? Try to type it ...
  5. BUG in SCCM 1810 since minor version 1024.

    Symptom : SCCM clients are not able to find any compatible HTTPS MP whereas there is no communication problem with HTTP MPs.
    Impact : All SCCM client since version 5.0.8740.1024 .
    Root cause :  "CCMUtilLib.dll" is not working as expected so the SCCM client is not able to verify that the client certificate is well issued from your PKI.

    Solution : Wait the SCCM 1902 release where the DLL is fixed :D

  6. We (Microsoft's support and me) finally found the root cause. It's a bug in CCMUtilLib.dll This bug is fixed in the future SCCM 1902 release (agent version : 5.00. 8778.1000).
  7. I have some input to give you about this issue : I've noticed that in the ClientIDManagerStartup.log it's says : I opened a case at Microsoft ... Waiting for the next. [Update : 12/03/2019] : Microsoft's lvl 3 support is still looking for a solution
  8. Hello, We just installed the hotfix for SCCM 1810 (KB4486457). This hotfix implies a new version of the SCCM agent (5.00.8740.1024). We configured SCCM to deploy automatically this agents on workstations and servers but we are experiencing the following issue (ccmsetup.log) : I managed to install the client by using the ccmsetup.exe with the following parameters : SMSSITECODE=LOL SMSMP=HTTPS://SCCM-SUPMPDP2.DOMAIN.COM DNSSUFFIX=DOMAIN.COM CCMFIRSTCERT=1 CCMCERTSTORE=MY But the SCCM client is not able to find its management point. Actually it finds both MP but considers th
  9. Ty Phil2Pint, can you give me more info because I see on differents forum that you cannot specify directly some registry key in certain conditions ...
  10. Gents, Does somebody know if it's possible to use HTTPS with BranchCache in a SCCM context to retrieve content from neighbor workstations ? I think this can lead to unexpected issue if we previously configured BrancheCache through client settings ... Any idea ?
  11. Gents, I would like to know if it is possible to create a new DP and put the content library on a network share ... From my point of view it should work if we map the network share as a drive, but I cannot find the info on the Internet and I also would like to know if this setup would be supported. The shared folder's physical location would be on a NAS. BR, Sypa
  12. Hello, Did you try to press F8 before it reboots ? You will have the log file (smsts.log) in C:\windows\temp. You can also try to create a boot media and put it on a USB key ...
  13. If I were you I would just add a second DP (on your new server). After that, I would create a distribution point group and put your both DPs in this group. Thanks to this, the content will be replicated and you could remove the DP role on the old server.
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