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  1. I don't know what happen to my text. So for some reason the clients stopped reporting I guess and all updates after 9/2018 were showing as 0 required, also no of the updates that were deployed were installing. 1. I removed all setting from the group policy for updates except I left the server as the source. 2. I don't know if this is right but I added my Site server to the default site boundary group. Updates started working again but in the last 2 days deployments have stopped. They start to install but get the error about incorrect hash values. I don't know what happened to my text.
  2. I got it thanks. This was the link it sent me to which really didn't help( https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/plan-design/changes/deprecated/removed-and-deprecated). After I looked at the log it was pretty clear, i had a Distribution Point that was still running 2008R2 and it was causing the issue. I upgraded the server last night and now the prereq passes. I will do the upgrade tonight. Thanks
  3. Wanted to update to 1806 this weekend but for the first ever I am failing the prereq check says because of OS. Primary server only running on 2012R2 and SQL 2012 SP$ running on 2012R@ as well. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks
  4. Yes, Yes even though I have the hotfix installed it was the "previous" button that got me. I ran the a search for id on all systems and found one with the same id as the unknown x64 computer. Thanks for every ones help on this one. I am connected by VPN but I just imaged a VM and it work fine.
  5. I do have the hotfix installed but it does seem very suspect. The reason I say that it just imaged a lab then stopped. We don't image known computers but I could build TS and deploy to some test computers.
  6. I just created boot media usb and it does pretty much the same thing, it says no task sequences were found.
  7. I did not have F8 enabled on the boot image, but I changed that yesterday. I was looking at my smsts.log this morning and I noticed something strange. If you look right under that line that is high lighted "there are no task sequences available for to this computer.
  8. That looks like it is trying to write to C: drive but cant, are you sure that it's loading win 10 to the c drive. Have you tried to do the UEFI partiton step.
  9. Can you post a screen shot of your task sequence, I had this but got through it though I can't remember how. Are you doing secure boot, UEFI?
  10. So around lunch time today imaging just stopped. I am on 1702 with the update installed and have one primary site server and 24 DP's. One of our techs imaged a lab this morning around 11:00 and when he tried to start another after lunch, the pc's will boot get an IP and when they will download the boot wim and go through the windows start up. Once they get to initialising network connections it just dies, screen goes blank and the computer restarts. I have not changed anything in the boot image but it is the same kind of behavior you get when the boot image is missing the network drivers and since we have 27 different models of PC I doubt this is the issue. It couldn't come at a better time, we have about 15 labs left to image and School starts on Thursday. There are no issue in the console everything looks healthy. I am at a loss, I have read all day and even tried removing PXE from one of my DP's and adding it back. I did run updates on the Site server and database server on Thursday of last week but it stopped today not on Thursday after I ran the updates. Any and I mean any suggestion would be appreciated.
  11. I re-imaged the laptop yesterday with one our teacher images. Student computers get Avast for Business and our teacher/administrator computers get webroot. It upgraded fine with the webroot so Avast is the culprit even when uninstalled the upgrade fails. Thanks
  12. Sorry that was from the client, this is from the server. If you need the original client file I will have to wait for this image to be done and try the cycle over again. smsts.log
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