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  1. And to your question - I can't seem to find a specific SCCM report that lists updates just installed...I haven't found it yet at least. If there is one, this is the report I would like to attach to the Success/Failure email for that particular server.
  2. Hmm, that's good to know re QFE. I currently use the task sequence to apply the updates as I mentioned above then I've added the following to copy the logs to an SCCM share. http://schadda.blogspot.be/2012/01/sccm-2012-how-to-catch-errors-in-task.html I've also set up a Status Filter Rule that monitors for 11171 (Success) and 11170 (Failure) message IDs. When found it runs a Powershell script to send a Success or Failure email for the server to an alias. This email is where I'd like to list the patches that have just been applied to that particular server. Seems overly complicated but it's the best that I've come up so far.
  3. Thanks, Garth. The reports understandably seem to lag a bit behind. I'm trying to add this step via the task sequence. I think I'm close with something like: wmic qfe where (InstalledOn like "11/2/2017") /format:htable > hotfixes.htm Then copy that file to an SCCM share. Just need to find the right command to dynamically get qfes applied in the past day. I'm still new to SCCM so thought there was a way a better way to get that data via the task sequence.
  4. I’ve set up a task that will scan for available updates, install and then reboot (x3) but I am trying to figure out how to report what patches were just installed on the server. Is there a way to do this via the task sequence or other methods? I’d like to automate this so the report is sent out after patching in an email. Thanks in advance!
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