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  1. No, the one from this weekend was the one with 50% failures after displaying the Task Sequence progress. Before all of them failed when I hid it. The failures are reporting the process not running.
  2. I did realize during my first deployment of this group of PCs that I did choose to uncheck "Show Task Sequence progress" under User Experience. I assume this is the reason for Process Not Found: [TSProgressUI.exe]" I did another deployment over the weekend and I have 50% success and 50% failure. Those 50% of failure reporting about TSProgressUI.exe again even though it was enabled this time.
  3. I've attached the log to my original post. I ran a test run with just running the check on a group of PCs and all of them came back with the error. " Process Not Found: [TSProgressUI.exe]" Thanks I should mention this was pushed as a forced required deployment when this issue occurred.
  4. Yes, I actually tried running this again after stripping out the pop-up notification in the ps1 and after that it worked. I have the log files copied to the share location. It could be that when I did the first test I had clicked outside of the active Task Sequence window which I've read it needs to remain active. Does that sound right? Thank you Edit: Added Log smsts_modified.log
  5. I went through this and it failed on the "Process Windows Setup compatibility results" step. Process Not Found: [TSProgressUI.exe] Do you have any words of advice as to what to check? Thanks!
  6. I'm close to transitioning over our organization to having SCCM manage software updates. I hope someone could say what are the proper "Windows Update" policies that should be set or modified for SCCM software updates to function correctly. Looking for the recommend settings for the new semi-annual release for Windows 10 servicing. Still have some remaining Windows 7 PCs on network. Thanks!
  7. I believe I've stumbled upon the issue. "maybe" The PCs that were not pulling the client upgrade were in an IP range that was not in a boundary group. Those subnets where the clients were at were not added in subnet under Sites and Services in AD for discovery to occur. However it makes me ponder how did the initial client install occur if upgrades will not work. Just last night we had a failed attempt of some in-place Win10 Upgrades. I feel fairly certain this was the cause for that as well.
  8. This is what's set right now. Would the upgrade process halt if clients didn't communicate within those 4 days from 9/7/2017?
  9. We started with Config Manager 1702. Since then we upgraded to 1706. The new client version is 5.00.8540.1007. We enabled Hierarchy Settings Properties of our site to Upgrade all clients using the production client within 4 days. One month later half of our computers are still showing "Client Version Reported from DDR" as 5.00.8498.1711 with Compliance Status of "Not Compliant." We are a Windows 7 and Windows 10 mixed environment. Can anyone shed some light as to what might be going on here and why this occurred? Thanks!
  10. What all steps would need to be modified if having this pushed to a Windows 7 for upgrade to Windows 10? I thought it was be just a couple of options as to what platforms to run on but haven't had it appear on my Win 7 test machine. At this time the Deployment status shows "In Progress" with Description of "Program received." I have not seen it appear in the Software Center either with "Allow users to run the program independently of assignments" chosen in the earlier step. Thanks!!
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