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  1. Hello, Recently I had a Secondary site Server die. I deleted it out of SCCM, rebuilt it and recreated it back in to SCCM as a secondary site with the same name and IP Address. Everything will work fine expect the installing apps step in the Task sequence for clients on this site. I have rebuilt it several times to no avail. Interestingly enough if I rebuild the server but using a name that hasn't been used before all apps deploy successfully during the task sequence. So I have come to the conclusion that the original name is being held somewhere in the SCCM database even when the server has been deleted. Can anybody recommend steps to rectify this so I can use the original name? I am running 1902 Hotfix rollup. Thanks
  2. Hello, I have a somewhat strange issue where SCCM updates will stop coming through on Servers after a few weeks of working successfully - all maintenance windows are ignored and any new Windows updates are not delivered. After a reboot the servers will successfully then download the latest updates again and reboot during maintenance windows. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue? Thanks
  3. Hello, One of my Management Points in SCCM 2012 seems to have developed an issue where it will not allow clients to download Windows updates in software centre. When you click install they just stay on 'waiting to download' and then eventually fail with 'The software change returned error code 0x80240438(-2145123272).' Please can somebody help with this issue and point me in the right direction? Thanks
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