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  1. Hello again Garth, i want to ask you this before i create a new post in se it is a related issue to this previous one...... I noticed in my devices list i am starting to see users populating in my "Currently Logged on User" field. But there arent very many. Is there something that might be preventing this information from populating on most of my machines?
  2. Good enough for me! Thank you very much for your time on this. Greatly appreciated!
  3. Sorry, yes it did work. the build numbers are being corrected and filtered out of the group. My question was, what is causing my inventory to be confused like that?
  4. Bingo! That is clearing them right up! Now my next question, what is causing that? My sccm clients are all up to date, and i didn't see any log files that identified this issue?
  5. Well, dang! How do you explain that? Indeed using resource explorer it is listed as 16299! So what is wrong here?
  6. Ha, It's crazy i know , i have rebuilt it a few times, but it constantly returns the same group of 1803 computers. I have also verified that those computers were running 1803 as well. I don't know what the heck to do. Thanks a bunch for double checking my work though.
  7. Sure, Thank you for taking a look at this! Do you want the Query Statement? select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_OPERATING_SYSTEM on SMS_G_System_OPERATING_SYSTEM.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.ResourceId where SMS_G_System_OPERATING_SYSTEM.BuildNumber = "16299"
  8. I have a membership rule looking for clients equal to Operating system build 16299, it finds them, but it always includes 17134 builds too? I cant figure out why!!! Can anyone help?
  9. Excellent thank you for your response!! Kinda the way i was thinking it should work. Just wanted confirmation.
  10. Hello everyone. I have a question about the functionality of these buttons. So I want SCCM to handle all Windows and Defender Updates and I have SCCM CB 1802 distributing Windows and Defender updates. But when i click the Check for updates button in either locations on a windows 10 client all i ever see is either the image below, or an "Updates are up to date". My question is.... are these buttons useless while using Sccm now? Also how can i confirm my devices are actually pulling End point updates from SCCM? And one last question, if i have sccm distributing Updates, is it necessary for me to allow the "Check online for updates from Microsoft update." link to remain active or is it smart to eliminate that.
  11. I only have English selected when pulling updates into SCCM, Why do i see all these other languages synchronizing?
  12. Goal: Push out 1709 upgrade to any computer that is 1703 via a Task Sequence. Problem #1. I have a collection that looks for os build 15063. It finds 109 computers. out of these computers 30 of them are actually running 1709 not 1703. WTH? What process pushes this information from the client? Is it the machine policy? Is there a better way to build this collection? Problem #2 When i deploy the image to this collection, some of the computers are getting it and some are not. (These are All running 1703) I force machine policy, and refresh but no go. I have reinstalled the client, Verified machines are in the same boundary. What logs would i look at to determine the issue here?? As always thank you in advance for taking the time to look at this and help!!
  13. Well that was it! Wow i have been battling this for weeks, Not sure how i missed that! Thank you TrialandError so much for your wisdom! Once again Windows-Noob.com saves the day!!!!! Thanks again guys! I am curious though, what does the NAA have to do with f8 working to get the command prompt working as well?
  14. Thanks, Well i had the Network Access Account set as "Use the computer account of the Configuration manager client! I have set it to a domain admin, let me test this now.
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