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  1. Issue has been solved, after set the configure the updates setting from office 365 portal.
  2. No i didn't define any maintenance window, and when i configure the deployment i set it to run as soon as possible
  3. Hello, I have Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 with Office 354 pro Plus .I'm trying to deploy office 365 updates through SCCM current branch 2010 give me error code (0X87D0024A) The job is already connected and another update give me (0X87D00668) Software update still detected as actionable after apply I tried two updates but both of them has failed. this is from ConfigMgr Side. If i tried to install from software center it give me 0x87D0024A(-2016411062) i have attahe the log file from Config manager and the client machine. ApiClient.dll DLL file is exist . I have this issue with all office 365 UpdatesDeployment.log
  4. Hello all I have Upstream WSUS in Head Quarter and downstream wsus in the factory and they linked by dedicated link. and i want to use sccm update point instead of wsus and i'm bit confusing about what to do in the factory .I think that may i use distribution point and configure it to distribute updates to client or what Can you tell me the best solution please?
  5. Yes I Do I uninstall WSUS and Software update point and reboot server then i install wsus and updates and softwae update point but no thing happen
  6. Hello all I Have Setup SCCM Sp1 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (Follow Windows-noob) notes and i install WSUS 3 SP2 and configure software update point both of them work in port 80 and i give it proxy server and account for authentication but sccm fail to sync from microsoft update server and give me error remote configuration failed on wsus server .I attach my log file if you want to have a look i search every where but no solution so can any one help me please Archive (1).zip
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