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    Fu 1909 is failing after first reboot if laptop is VPN but works fine on LAN

    By lalajee,
    Fu 1909 is failing on VPN but working fine on LAN (Same Laptop) FU 1909 gets apply and when you reboot the machine ask for Bitlocker Pin, after entering the pin machine goes into Recovery Mode. When you tell the machine to go into windows in loading the windows but it's still 1809. it's only happening on one model dell latitude 5400 The same machine works fine on LAN but on VPN it keeps failing without any error code. I have updated BIOS, System Drivers

    Surface Go 2 PXE Issues

    By Damo,
    Has anyone managed to get a Microsoft Surface Go2 (LTE Model) to PXE boot successfully?, I have just got a model in to test and I'm unable to get it to PXE boot correctly, it just sits at waiting for approval.  I've tried booting using a surface dock 2, i have also tried with the official USB C adaptor and it wont boot.  I've updated the firmware to the latest version, I have also added the MAC in the hierarchy settings in SCCM to allow duplicate hardware identifiers.  I'm currently running on v

    My TS fail with error code Error executing Task Sequence Manager service. Code 0x80004005

    By lalajee,
    Hi, When I apply TS  on some machine it crash the software centre and I can see following error in the logs 0x80004005 My TS has a powershell script which set a registry key and then copy some files based on that key Error executing Task Sequence Manager service. Code 0x80004005 I try following things on an machine 1. Check BIOS Time 2. Apply All updates 3. Remove and reinstall SCCM client SMSTS log Expand a string: WinPEandFullOS TSManager 20/01/2021 15:39:16 99


    By wudevr,
    I have some disconnected (no internet) CM 1606 sites.  Can I upgrade these to 2002 using the Baseline Media? If not, what is the best way to upgrade them?

    Prequisite check 1910 to 2010 stuck

    By Kingskawn,
    I just created a lab with 1 AD server and 1 CM server hosting the SQL server service and wsus. After the install I want to upgrade to 2010 directly but I have some network/auth complications with the prerequisite check For some reason there's a 'GetFileSize' error on a file which seems to be related to the pt-BR language as everything is en-US based on the servers: I attached the logfiles. I enabled 'named pipes' I disabled all firewall But the prequisite

    Device collection unavailable for deployment

    By fj40ratt,
    I seem to be running into this more often as of late.  I've created a basic OSD task sequence but when I attempt to deploy it the collection I wish to direct it to, it does not appear in my list.  I know it is there because I have deployed other OSD task sequences to the same collection previously without issue and I can see the collection.  I also run into this when I create a new device collection and try to deploy an existing TS to it.  Thoughts?  Thanks.

    Device name mix up?

    By jdensmore,
    Hello everyone I hope you are well.... I need some help on an issue that has been plaguing me!  In my device list I see some devices that do not have a client installed. So I'm going through trying to figure out why, and I started to notice something odd. A few of these devices have mixed up information. For example, in my device list I have a device named LAP0677 and the "Currently logged in user" is oxl.user (Who has never logged onto this computer before). When I examine the properties of thi

    Applications don‘t get installed during Build and Capture

    By FSiglmueller,
    Hi All ! I am struggeling with the following topic since a few days: I am not able to install applications during my Build and capture sequence. I have a PKI (HTTPS-only) infrastructure.  I installed a client certificate during the unattend.xml. (https://www.jamesbannanit.com/2012/05/how-to-build-and-capture-in-configuration-manager-2012-using-https/) Softwareupdates install Fine - only Applications are the problem. Have you got an idea what I can do to fix this ?  It

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