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    Enable Command Support is ticked but F8 does nothing.

    By vincelewin,
    Hi All, SCCM 1802. I have two boot images, 32 and 64 bit. Both have Enable Command Support ticked. I have one build TS and it is booting the 64 bit boot image. The laptop is set to UEFI. At boot it displays the TS list, we select the only one there and the laptop begins running the TS. It gets to a point "Applying OS to C drive" and errors. Timeout is 14 mins and if we press F8 nothing happens. I really need to get the logs off this machine but I am remote to i

    Failed to distribute content on new DP.

    amit paul
    By amit paul,
    We are facing issue with content distribution on a new DP.

    Forcefully upgrading Windows 7 or Windows 10 to a newer version of Windows 10

    By anyweb,
    In March 2017 I blogged a method to allow you to forcefully upgrade your Windows 10 (or Windows 7) computers  to the latest version of Windows 10 using a popup (HTA) that gives the user some form of control (5 deferrals). This was very popular and spawned different versions of the same original concept by other MVP’s and the community at large. I always wanted to update mine, but never had time, however what I have done is incorporate bug-fixes and features, and rewritten the original VBS w

    Just installed 1810 upgrade, not seeing LifeCycle Report

    By jamesmm,
    I just installed the 1810 update and was looking through the 'What's New in 1810' post.  I came across the item about LifeCycle Report 'LifeCycle 05A', but I don't see that report listed in my Reporting folder under Monitoring. Is there a way to get that report ?  I am thinking if I remove/re-add my Reporting Point?  But if I do that, I will probably lose any customized reports? thanks, James

    USMT Node Empty

    Manuel De Sousa
    By Manuel De Sousa,
    Hey everyone, Im hoping someone out there has had a similar issue and can provide assistance. Here are our versions SCCM CB 1806 Build 8692 Using USMT 5.0 on Windows 10 1803 Leveraging SMP on SCCM. The whole process is working as expected. The users state gets uploaded to the server, and then restored back on to the PC through the rebuild task sequence. What isn't working is the USMT node in SCCM. It is always empty. We had a machine listed once, but I have not been able

    Failed to get client identity (80004005) - after CM 1810 upgrade

    By dinci5,
    Hi,I have upgraded my lab to 1810 recently. And I think something is broken.The lab is setup in Hyper-V and used to work fine before.Ever since I've upgraded, my deployments are not working.A couple of errors from smsts.log:"Network access account credentials are not supplied or invalid.""Failed to get client identity (80004005)""failed to request for client""SyncTimeWithMP() failed. 80004005.""Failed to get time information from MP: http://LAB-CFG.Domain.com."Now, I've seen this error before in

    OSDComputerName issue

    By KeithDib,
    Guys   Been building Windows 10 1709 for about a year all fine... We are starting to build 1809 and all works except the TS/Naming now seems to ignore the Collection Variable 'OSDComputerName'   I have both 1709 and 1809 images, both building from the same 'All Unknown Computers' collection, the 1709 works the 1809 does not. the 1809 uses a copy of the TS from 1709 with just the WIM changed.   Any ideas?   thanks

    Report Subscription for Hardware Inventory completion

    By xerxes2985,
    I am trying to create an email notification that will report all the systems that completed their hardware inventory (which occurs daily) and those that haven't, and send an email notification with the status. Is this possible?   Thanks

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