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    Http test request failed, status code is 500, 'Internal Server Error'.

    By xerxes2985,
    Good morning My MP is showing the following error in MPcontrol.log. As well, in monitoring/system status/site status, the Management Point role is showing the following: Total 0 bytes. Also, the service "ccmexec" is stopped, and will not start. When attempting to start it I get the following error: Event viewer shows error 10005 DCOM got error "1053" attempting to start the service CcmExec with arguments "-Service" in order to run the server: {B82CF833-7A61-4B84-9D69-C63E7B6DE6C

    SCCM will not connect to SQL Server.

    By OliAdams,
    After one of the updates hanging on sharing content. I restarted the sql service and now sccm cannot connect. I have tried running modify sql server connection on the setup wizard hta but I get the error attached. When I run a UDL file test it connects using windows authentication but not when I enter the credentials of the user I am actually logged on as. Any ideas?   The smsexec.log states *** [28000][18456][Microsoft] [SQL Server]Login failed for user Here the user accou

    Multiple Application Deployments

    By rob343,
    HI, hope I can explain my problem. I have been asked to deploy applications at deployment. I have been given multiple unique identifiers (UDI) with multiple apps assign to each UID, on a spreadsheet. I can't pre-provision the machines as there are potentially thousands, and can't user deployments as they are shared devices. I am using UDI wizard so could capture the UID as a variable. any ideas on how I do this, without added the machine into collections post build.  thanks a

    SCCM CB 1902 and mobile apps for co-mgmt devices feature

    By dskaadan,
    Hi all, Anyone upgraded to SCCM CB 1902 that can tell me if the feature "mobile apps for co-mgmt devices" has changes from Pre-release to release (meaning it now a "beta" feature anymore)? (it's not in SCCM CB 1810) Reason that I'm asking is that I need this feature in our co-mgmt setup and I'm not very happy about enabling pre-release feature even if Microsoft says that pre-release feature is fully supported. Hope anyone can answer my question. Regards, Daniel

    Integrating MDT database with SCCM CB

    By Johnny_Eyebrows,
    Hi all - Having had a number of stutters in getting our upgrade started, I am finally getting the chance to begin the rollout of win10 across our site. However, there is a small query. For a small number of machines on our site, we have some uncommon licenced products, not related to particular departments or areas (eg MS Project, MS Visio, Adobe Writer, etc). To aid with updating these machines, I am going to use SCCM/MDT's Application mapping feature. However, though I have got MDT instal

    MBAM on SCCM Server

    By nhottinger,
    Been looking for some recommendations but can't find any.  Can MBAM be installed directly on the SCCM server or do they need to be separated on different hardware?

    SCCM 1902 Folders

    By delan,
    Hi I have troubles with PXE-boot. My SCCM is version 1902. My DP is setup to answer PXE (without WDS) In my folder' structure I see that SMS_DP$, SMSPKG and SMSPKGC$ are empty In the folder SMSPKGSIG a lot of .tar files and a lot of folders (ID's with versionnumbers) In folder SMSSIG$ only .tar files Is this right?? Or where are the bootstartup files should be located?   Thx   Best Regards Delan


    By delan,
    Hi My SCCM = 1902 (in VM - Hyper-V) = My pfsense is not VM = gateway (with ip helper (to DHCP) and Helper to = SCCM) Client (VM-Hyper-V with Legacy NIC) In DP bootimage x86 (0070002F) and x64 (00700030), operating system (00700012) , client package (00700002) The task sequence (00700032) = deploy on unknown computers I've tried many thing as renew the boot images, client i a known collection... What happens..

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