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    Partition Disk 0 - UEFI

    By Quinten,
    Does Partition Disk 0 - UEFI call Diskpart.exe?   And does it pass diskpart.exe a .txt with a list of commands?   I thought when in WinPE the SCCM task sequence will use OSDDiskPart.exe.  

    Trying to apply software updates to my image

    By xerxes2985,
    I have downloaded the most recent software updates for Windows 10 20H2 x64, as can be seen in this image: I went ahead and redistributed the deployment package, to make sure the latest updates added were available. Then, I clicked over to my operating system image. right clicked, and chose Schedule Updates. Those two updates will not show as available as can be seen in this image (additionally, the Windows Malicious Software Remove Tool or update doesn't show as available either): So, to

    SCCM/MECM 2010 SUP no work

    By pasha_mayerov,
    Hello. GPO:  Do not allow update deferral policies to cause scans against windows update = Enabled Check online for updates from Microsoft update = Disable Turn off access to all Windows Update features = Enabled specify the intranet update services server address  specify the intranet update services server address  http:// SCCM:8530 Intranet statistics server http:// SCCM:8530 Configuration: Primary site(local client):  Management point, Distributio


    By MarkK,
    I recently setup a complex application with 16 dependencies. I have bundled them into a Task sequence and have created a task sequence deployment type. each application dependency is called by a install package step in the task sequence. the package also includes a program that runs the install command line. i was able to deploy the application to an install collection and have successfully installed it on multiple endpoints. I am very happy with the results.My previous test was simply pushing s

    Win 10 Enterprise Eval v1909 cannot be upgraded using Feature Update/IPU Task Sequence

    By gmandar,
    Hello Awsome People, I am facing weird issue. I am evaluating Windows and Office Deployment Lab Kit which has everything configured. I created few VMs using Windows 10 v1909 Enterprise ISO downloaded from https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/evalcenter . I am testing Feature Update from v1909 to 20H1 and 20H2. But somehow none of the v1909 machines shows FU as required. I have installed all the updates including latest SSU and CU from Microsoft Updates online. When I tried to use In-Pl

    No Site System Listed in Boundary

    By wudevr,
    Our old SCCM server died. I removed the old server's objects from the System Management container in AD.  I've built a new SCCM server. Different Server name and Site Code. I have enabled and run all the Discovery Methods. The issue I have is that when I check the properties of the Boundary that is created, the Site Systems tab is empty.  There is no Site System listed. How do I correct this?

    DP standalone unable to distribute package content

    By ranjb,
    Hi Everyone Currently have a new environment on 2002 CB with 1 site server and 1 DP. Just performed a source hierarchy migration from a 2002CB. It seems most app deployments are successful in the new hieracrchy however when deploying packages I run into an issue. It seems deploying just to the DP it fails but when deploying to both primary server and DP it succeeds. The site server also acts as a DP. When looking at the distrmgr log all is successful from that perspective but

    VPN collection

    By rob343,
    Hi  After some advice on methods people use to set up vpn based collections. I use IP but find its slow to refresh/update. We apply client settings which are quite restricted which we need to switch soon as they drop off VPN. Thanks 

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