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    Downloads During PXE

    By Joe13,
    Hi, What would be the reason why the WINPE.wim file download will be slow, it will max out on 30Mbps but the install.wim will download at 1Gbps - the network drivers are imported.    

    How do I migrate collection memberships to new batch of computers?

    By Adam_Nox,
    Not sure how to even search for this, and trying to set up a computer association isn't doing anything (seriously seems to be limited strictly to user state data). And I need to be able to set this up for computer names that have yet to be created.   Is there a way to quickly make computer objects with just a name and collection membership?  When we deploy windows to the new machines, they all need different software installed and rely upon collection membership to provide the right pa

    TPM fails to activate(dell)

    By dj3094,
    Hello experts, We are trying to enable bitlocker and we have everything setup and it work fine with TPM 2.0. But with TPM 1.2 it fails to activate. We created TS to deploy these using dell command and configure utility all the TS is doing below commands 1) Install HaPIdrivers 2) set bios password 3) enable tpm 4)activate tpm 5)install MBAM client 6)trigger 7)restart   it works on TPM 2.0 and fails on 1.2. ALso I tried to activate manual

    SCCM OSD Standalone Media

    By SteveD,
    Hello, I am trying to put together a SCCM standalone OSD build media which is based on our production Windows 10 TS. The production TS wipes the disk (existing Windows 7) and installs Win 10. The solution now works end to end as expected on a virtual machine however when it comes to a physical machine, I am running into a strange behaviour where in after configuring the HP BIOS (secure boot etc.) in WinPE, during the subsequent reboot, instead of booting into the staged Winpe from the HDD t

    Clear SCCM Inboxes Backlogs files

    Ahmed Essam
    By Ahmed Essam,
    Hi, I need help to clear SCCM Inboxes backlogs files I’ve dozens of backlogs and I don’t know how to remove them, all distributed files sucked at in-process state. attached screen show all files.

    hybrid Joined BitLocker Recovery Key in Task Sequence

    By KeithDib,
    HI   On a Windows 10 OSD TS, i want ot add the Bitlocker recover Key to Azure for Hybrid Joined devices. How can i achive this from an SCCM TS?   Thanks

    Failed to run task sequence - cannot be located on dp??

    By Always,
    Hi WN I just installed my lab env and try to deploy a OS TS but get this error? where do i look ??

    Surface Pro going into reboot loop while imaging thru PXE

    Deep Parikh
    By Deep Parikh,
    am facing a weird issue with 2 Surface Pro 5 1796 model. The device boots to PXE over IP v4, then reaches my correct DP that has PXE and OSD contents, enters into OSD task sequence wizard where I enter the password, select region, language, keyboard settings etc. Once all this is processed the client fetches the image and somewhere in the middle the device gets rebooted automatically. The device comes back up and starts infinite loop of Windows logo with spinning circle for 4 times and then rebo

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