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    Softwareupdates not downloading during OS Deployment tasksequence

    By FSiglmueller,
    Hi Everybody, I have a big problem relating to the Install Software Updates step in my OS Deployment tasksequence. The clients detects, that it needs several updates, but it is not downloading them. It stucks at 0%. After the OSD finishes, the client can download all missing updates. Any ideas why it is not working during the OS Deployment tasksequence. First I thought it was an firewall issue, but the client can reach port 8530 (SUP). Thanks in advance. Kind regards Flo

    Failing to update DP - New boot.wim in SCCM CB

    By aqua-2000,
    Hi all   We are looking to start rolling out a 20H2 build but currently having trouble with updating the boot image. After having the ADK and PE add on installed on the SCCM server, we are running the 'Update Distribution Points Wizard' on our Boot image but getting the below error:   Error: Update boot image: • Microsoft Windows PE (x64) Error: Update actions: • Add ConfigMgr binaries using Production Client version 5.00.9049.1010 • Set scratch space • Enable Wind

    Folder C:\SMSTSLog left behind after tasksequence completion

    By FSiglmueller,
    Hi Everybody, I have a problem with the folder C:\SMSTSLog. This folder is left behind on a successful deployed client system. During the tasksequence I can't find any errors. Any ideas what I am doing wrong ? The MEMCM is 2103 (with installed Hotfix KB10036164) and I am deploying Windows 10 20H2. Thanks in advance. Kind regards Florian smsts from SMSTSLOGFolder.log

    Making a Report / Pulling specific information from a collection of computers

    By xerxes2985,
    Hi all, I need to create a report that will pull some simple information (ComputerName, SerialNumber, BiosVersion and BiosName) from a collection of computers.  Manually, I can go to Resource Explorer and expand hardware, and PC BIOS, and get the information, but was wondering if I could extrapolate this easier?   Thanks

    CMG hybrid client failed connect to management point

    By Meyi,
    Hi, SCCM 2010. Clients failed to connect to CMG MP in the cloud,  Site is configured to E-http Client are AAD hybrid.  Thanks   LocationServices.log: MapNLMCostDataToCCMCost() returning Cost 0x1    LocationServices    27/06/2021 09:28:14    2088 (0x0828) Failed in WinHttpSendRequest API, ErrorCode = 0x2ee7    LocationServices    27/06/2021 09:28:14    2088 (0x0828) [CCMHTTP] ERROR: URL=http://SCCM.domain.lan/SMS_MP/.sms_aut?SITESIGNCERT, Port=80, Optio

    PXE working but from wrong network

    By jkjk12,
    ok, I have fixed 1 issue only to replace it with another.   I have VMWorkstation setup.  I have created 2 new Virtual Networks.  18 & 19.   18 - bridged - Ethernet Connection 19 - bridged - Wireless I have 1 DC running Server 2019.  It has both networks added so it can get to my Router (i.e. outside Internet) and the other is for internal traffic within my VM world. I have 1 SCCM server that has both vnets setup the same way. I have another VM, it too has both vnets 18

    MBAM to SCCM issue

    By Prip,
    Hi Niall,   Hope you are doing great. I was following your tutorial on migrating from MBAM to SCCM Bitlocker, as i am working on a project for a customer for same.  Tutorial: https://www.niallbrady.com/2019/11/13/want-to-learn-about-the-new-bitlocker-management-in-microsoft-endpoint-manager-configuration-manager/#comment-2150   Background:      They are currently using SCCM version 2006, and wanted to migrate bitlocker from MBAM. They already have a PKI infrastructure

    Software Update Groups not being created / shown

    By nhottinger,
    I've posted other places online and searched for someone else with the problem and I'm coming up empty.  Here's the deal, I'm pretty sure it started right after I upgraded to 2010 (now on 2103).  When I create a software update group with updates in it, the software update group is no longer visible for me under the Software Update Group area.  I'll add a picture and explain a bit more.  Here's my normal process that used to work.  I would select the updates I wanted to roll out to a test group.

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