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    ADR is failing with 0X87D20003 SQl Error

    By ogeccut,
    I have an ADR that failed with 0X87D20003 SQl Error. I have found this site that has the same error, and its related to a deleted collection or missing collection. https://sccmnotes.wordpress.com/2019/07/10/automatic-deployment-rule-failing-with-error-0x87d20003/comment-page-1/ I am trying to run a query to identify a missing collection, but getting an error: declare @ADRName varchar (200) = 'Workstation Updates ADR' select Data.value('(/DeploymentCreationActionXML//Collect

    Client shows offline

    By Ranjithckm7,
    Hi Team, I have been facing an strange issue. After the machine built by OSD TS, client isn't visible as online in Console and I don't think client is getting policies applied. Validated Firewall ports (80,443,10123) and all are fine. Any clue or troubleshoot approach would be much appreciated. I have attached policyagent.log. Note: To test this tried to install a client on Site Server using clientpush, it installed and shows as online and all the configurations getting applied.

    Task Sequence Recovery - Config Manager 2006

    By Classiccor,
    So, In my infinite (lack of) wisdom, I managed to accidentally delete my primary Task Sequence for my Windows 10 deployment. My server is backed up daily by a 3rd party off site tool. Now I am aware that MDT would have the task sequences in an alternative folder and you can simply create a new task sequence and replace the unattend.xml and TS.xml to restore your task sequence. Is there a similar location or trick I can use to restore my task sequence?   I'm using Server 2019 and C

    Stop Feature upgrade if precheck fails

    By lalajee,
    Hi, I'm using an action custom script to run a Powershell script to check for a few things before running the feature upgrade on a machine but even the machine is not compliant it still running the upgrade.   for example, I have this code in preinstall.cmd/preinstall.ps1 if(-not (Test-path $path)) { write-error "Stop" exit 1 } this should stop the upgrade but its not happening. Does anyone know how I can stop the upgrade if it doesnt meet my preinstall check

    Delegated Access to a Collection

    By kesh,
    I have setup delegated access to a few collections. Is it possible to only  view those collections when they login to CM?

    Domain Join issue During OSD

    Hi everyone, Hope everyone is doing great and being safe! Need your expertise with an issue I am facing during domain join during OSD where clients are failing to join to the domain during OSD. Upon checking the netsetup log we found the below error: NetpValidateName: checking to see if 'XYZ.global.corp' is valid as type 3 name 10/07/2020 16:09:48:459 NetpValidateName: 'XYZ.global.corp' is not a valid NetBIOS domain name: 0x7b 10/07/2020 16:09:48:459 NetpCheckDomainNameIs

    Windows 10 1809 to 1909 Feature updates but retaining all installed language pack

    By luke2020,
    I would like to install feature update on Windows 10 1809 to 1909 but keep all of the language pack which are installed. Some of the machine have more then 1 language pack installed. I try to use the postoobe to install the language pack but when I login in machine was showing english as display language and other language was showing as being installed. I would like to get all of the languages installed + FOD before a user logins Would like to have following process if possi

    deploy certificate to server with sccm

    By takoroni,
    hi i need to deploy server certificate to a domain witch  have no CA in the AD ( external domains) i have several domains all have SCCM client  ( install the sccm cert manually ) i have created a template in my root CA - no problem deploy it with GPO autoenrollment in my domain now i need anther Cert witch is server authentication where there is a way to deploy it witch SCCM ? thank you roni

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