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    Windows 10 LTSB to 1803 upgrade

    By dj3094,
    Hello all, I am trying to upgrade my LTSB machine with sccm. but TS fails what ever I do. regards   setupact.log setuperr.log

    Update Windows 10 Image from 1607 to 1803

    By lord_hydrax,
    Hi, I have a Windows 10 1607 image I configured and captured ages ago that I want to update to 1803. I thought I could use Scheduled Updates option to patch it up and I did install a number of updates into the image but it is still showing version 10.0.14393 (1607). Is there any way to offline service this image up to 1803 or am I going to have to recapture the image? Thanks in advance! Regards, Andrew.  

    Solved: dotnet 472 failing on Win7SP1 under af BC task sequence but works on LIVE device

    By Always,
    I want to build and capture a ref image. Have a "Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2" Application Have checked "Allow this application to be installed from install application task sequence action without being deployed" Deployment type: Install: "NDP472-KB4054530-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe" /norestart /q /log "%windir%\Logs\Microsoft_.Net_Framework_4.7.2_Install.log" Uninstall: msiexec.exe /x {09CCBE8E-B964-30EF-AE84-6537AB4197F9} /q /l*v "%windir%\Logs\Microsoft_.Net_Framework_4

    How to tell which users installed an application and when

    By wanderer,
    With SCCM 2007 I could use Advertisement Status to check when a PC received an advertisement and when a user started a program.  I would like to be able to duplicate this functionality in SCCM CB 1806.  For a Package/Program I can see under "Summarization Time" when the Program started. However when looking under Deployments for Applications there is no "Summarization Time" option available. Is there anyway of getting this info to display under Deployments? If not is there a report I can run tha

    SCCM 1710

    By KeithDib,
    Hi   We are currently on 1710, last patch was KB4086143   Since May 2018 no new updates have shown up in 'Updates and Servicing' , we 'CHeck for Updates' but nothing new appears,  cannot find any errors in the logs and MS Updates etc is not blocked by the FW   Any advice?   thanks

    Update 1806 is stuck in "Downloading" State

    By br1310,
    Hi All, I have Dev/Test environment where 1806 update is stuck in Downloading state. DMPDownloader.log I don't have any antivirus install. SYSTEM account has full access to "EasySetupPayload " Thanks in advance for the help BR1310

    SCEP definition updates

    By Kevin79,
    I have SCCM CB and also use SCEP. Some of my clients aren't updating the SCEP definitions. What log do I look in to troubleshoot? I don't see anything in the EndpointPotectionAgent.log file.

    Unable to retrieve AD site membership

    By kesh,
    Hi all, anybody know what I try to resolve this issue with some of my cleints? ITs not a network/VLAN issue as there are other clients in the same IP range working fine. snippet of my location service logs below: <![LOG[The reply from location manager contains 0 certificates]LOG]!><time="10:01:50.318-120" date="11-09-2018" component="LocationServices" context="" type="1" thread="1656" file="lsportalutils.cpp:96"> <![LOG[Updating portal certificates]LOG]!><time="1

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