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    wireless client woes

    By xerxes2985,
    Good morning, I am experiencing an issue with my wireless clients. I'm able to get some information. However, I am unable to get any software deployed to them. For example:  - I get the green check, I am getting policy requests, heartbeat DDR, hardware scan, etc.  I have the following applications deployed to a collection, I've kicked off "Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle" on the client, and wait. After a bit, I check the ccmcache folder, and all I see is this:  "

    Missing certificates

    By rob343,
    Hi,  I am sure what's happened but under security and certificates, I don't seem to have a site server cert or sms cert.  Is there a what I can recreate them easily,  no idea where of how they have gone.  Boot certs and dp certs are there,  If somebody can point me at a how too guide that would really get me out of a jam.  Rob 

    Remote server error

    By rob343,
    Hi,  I am see loads of errors in my status monitor. -------- Could not open a change notification handle for directory "\\servername\SMS_PR1\inboxes\sitectrl.box" because the directory is on a remote computer.,  ----------- I don't understand the remote server,  there are no remote servers. Any logs I can look at to see what it's attempting to refrance.  Just to add we did a restore recently.  Please help pulling my hair out. Rob 

    Failed to run task sequence (0x80004005)

    By Ronvanloo,
    HelloSince last Friday we can't provide any image to our devices anymore. The error occurs when I do a PXE boot and when I select the desired task sequence I see a screen (for 30 seconds) Resolving selected taks sequence dependencies.....After this I got the error screen.All tasks sequences have this error. I also created a new one with no actions in it, same error.Error 0x80004005 can occur on many errors as I can find on the internet.I also checked the certificate and there is 1 certificate bl

    SCCM OSD Task Sequence Pre-stage Client

    By rhughes,
    Hello. We currently have an OSD Task Sequence for deploying Windows 10 Enterprise 1709 to our client machines. This works quite well for existing PCs which are known to AD and SCCM. We have a mixed environment, where we have multiple departments which require their own set of applications. Again, this works well for existing machines. The issue in which I'm being faced with at the moment, is when we introduce new clients to the environment. Due to the design of SCCM with AD System Disc

    Updates download stuck at 0%

    By ns777,
    Automatic deployment rule was working perfectly without any issue. In most Recent deployment all workstations and servers stuck at 0% download from last 4 days  . Do not find any issue in the logs. Any help will be highly appreciated.

    SCCM 1810 Duplicate Users

    By SighBee,
    I updated our SCCM deployment to 1810 last week, including installing Hotfix Rollup KB4486457 and Hotfixes KB4490575 and KB4490434. Now we seem to have duplicate user resource objects. The main difference between the two objects is the newly-created object only has the "SMS_AD_USER_DISCOVERY_AGENT" listed in "Agent Name" in the properties of the resource whereas the original object additionally has "Intune_User_Discovery_Agent" listed. Other differences include the "Agent Time (UTC)" property: t

    In-Tune Vs SCCM - Enrollment/Deployment

    By joeman1881,
    Hey guys, In short, I'm trying to figure out if I can streamline automation, and deployment process with our current SCCM (current branch 1802) infrastructure. Long story, we are currently piloting In-Tune.  Microsoft pitched it as, "this will cut deployment time down to 10 minutes, or less, and you can pull new devices out of the box and pretty much have them ready to go within that same time frame".  After the past month or so of testing, we are finding that's not necessarily the cas

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